North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 19 Nov20287 Established in 2011, Mediáticos Consultores en Comunicación offer strategic communication solutions to establish creative corporate, institutional, and individual leadership. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the North America Business Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Victor Bautista to find outmore. Best Content Management Agency - Caribbean ediáticos Consultores is a storyteller for its clients, entering the different media platforms with valuable content, which is newsworthy and does not represent a cost like advertising. To begin, Victor provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “Mediáticos Consultores create reputations in themedia for organisations and leaders. This is typically achieved through the management of valuable content that gives way to a favourable narrative and positive thinking about brands. The main motto of the firm is positive influence, and this is accomplished through visibility strategies to disseminate the best corporate practices, company results, social responsibility, commitment to consumers and users and transparent competition. Specialising in the prevention and management of a communication crisis, we aim to protect the reputation of a client and prevent their intangible assets from being damaged.” As a company which is distinguished by innovation, Mediáticos Consultores aim to provide digital solutions to respond to its clients’ needs. As Victor goes on to explain, this is typically what separates the firm from some of its closest challengers. “Every crisis represents an opportunity to be better, to advance, develop and, above all, to learn so we don’t fall into future mistakes. The firm’s talented young professionals all possess important skills in the context of the digital economy, and this combined with the personalised attention we pay to each client is what truly enables the firm to express itself.” The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented many challenges to businesses across the globe and as Victor informs us, the Dominican Republic in general has struggled to cope with the pandemic. “On the eastern side of the island there is an economy made up of more than 11 million consumers, and in recent years it has been the leader in relative growth of the gross domestic product in Latin America. However, its great dependence on tourism, an activity that provides the largest amount of the country’s foreign exchange, has obviously seen a deep drop-in economic activity due to COVID.” It seems somewhat ironic then, but on the contrary the pandemic hasn’t damaged the firm’s prospects too much, as Victor points out. “The COVID-19 crisis has not caused us to lose clients, and instead we’ve seen our client base grow since March last year. Companies today live in a new shade, which is comprised of teleworking and it forces us to embrace social distance protocols in relations with internal and external audiences, and tomake greater use of technologies in the digital economy. The context of the coronavirus crisis increases the reputational risks of companies, who must adapt to new business models and operations in themarket. Naturally, these business models must be well communicated so that the public can understand and believe in them. Strategic communication helps reduce reputational risks while maintaining the value of intangible assets. Rather than a hindrance, the pandemic has made us more creative and more resilient in the marketplace.” Bringing the interview to a close, Victor signs off by commenting on the future projects which lie in the pipeline for Mediáticos Consultores as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Moving forward, the future holds great opportunities for businesses similar to ours, because innovation, technologies and digitisation will dominate the post-COVID-19 economy. Digital events and audio- visual solutions will become increasingly popular, and for that reason we have created Mediáticos Studio (M Studio) to develop virtual communication activities related to business.” Company: Mediáticos Consultores en Comunicación Contact: Víctor Bautista Website: M