North America Business Awards 2020

18 | North America Business Awards 2020 Nov20693 Public accounts and tax advisory, Rios Rios & Co, is a firm steeped in history. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s Jorge Rios to find out more about its commitment to clients and how this ensures it is always one step ahead of the competition. Best Tax Advisory Firm - Northern Mexico ios Rios & Co, based in Mexico, was founded in 1988 with the purpose of serving companies and finding professional tax and legal solutions. From the moment it was incepted, Rios Rios & Co was proposed to serve businessmen and private and state administrations, supporting them in the search for remedies to the situations that arise every day; processing information and providing criteria that provide a solid basis for decision-making. Now, with more than three decades worth of experience in the market, the firm has positioned itself as an expert consultant of international acclaim, dedicated to providing personalized advice to clients, whilst always upholding its core values of trust, honesty, rectitude, and professionalism. Jorge Rios tells us more about the company and its strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. “Here at Rios Rios & Co, we always seek to be at the forefront in this constantly evolving industry,” he begins. “Above all, we are dedicated to always taking care of the interests of our clients – they are more than clients to us, we make friends.” Rios Rios & Co is also proud to be partnered with larger companies, such as International Tax Planning Association and Leading Edge Alliance Global, this is just one of the unique offerings that help distinguish the firm from its competitors and help to provide the best possible service to clients. “We have clients who have been with us for 18 years,” Jorge embellishes. “When they arrive at Rios Rios & Co they find a firm of accountants who will always be looking after their interests as if they were our own.” Rios Rios & Co was not completely immune to the tumultuous landscape caused by Covid-19, with services provided by the company continuing, however the pandemic brought about some positive changes, as Jorge further explains. “Covid forced us to improve our way of working and, above all, to be proactive and understand that virtual communication will be the new way of doing business.” The firm has introduced training for the team so that it is still able to provide a great service to clients in this new reality we are living in. It has also invested in security issues for its associates to ensure their safety. However, the future for Rios Rios & Co seems bright with Jorge and the rest of the team preparing the youngest professionals to meet the quality that clients have come to expect from the third generation company. Contact: Jorge Rios CPA Company: Rios Rios & Co Website: R Rios Rios & Co, based in Mexico, was founded in 1988 with the purpose of serving companies and finding professional tax and legal solutions.