North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 17 Nov20420 Most Romantic Luxury Resort - Saint Lucia Nestled deep in the heart of the gorgeous island of Saint Lucia, there lies one of the world’s most outstandingly eco chic resorts: Fond Doux Eco Resort. Located on a historic 19th-century working cocoa estate, Fond Doux offers its discerning guests the chance to unwind and relax in a truly serene and tranquil resort that is far from the hustle and bustle of usual tourists crowds and hotels. Discover more about this eco resort as we take a closer look at what makes it one of the must-visit destinations in the near future. ramed by more than one hundred and thirty five acres of stunning rainforest landscape, cocoa fields, and tropical gardens, the idyllic location of Fond Doux Plantation Eco Resort is second to none. Just mere minutes away from some of the main attractions on Saint Lucia and yet perfectly secluded, Fond Doux welcomes all guests to experience an authentic way of living and understanding the rich history, culture, and character of this stunning Caribbean island. Renowned for its romantic, intimate, and private and exclusive cottages, this collection of sixteen living spaces is perfect for those in search of a romantic getaway where couples can just be themselves. Able to sample the farm to table cuisine at one of two on-site restaurants, guests can find themselves able to enjoy the bounty of nature’s beauty in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The resort at Fond Doux also includes a collection of outdoor swimming pools to help stave off the heat of the glorious sunshine, gym and an organic spa that brings the power of nature closer than ever before. Alongside the wealth of relaxing opportunities for guests at Fond Doux, the resort’s perfect location means that there is also plenty for thrill-seekers and adventurers. Just mere minutes away from the main attractions on Saint Lucia, there is the Caribbean’s only drive- in volcano, or some of the area’s best diving sites. Being located in a prestigious and well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site means that the nature on show is absolutely perfect, and there are few more astounding things than that. There is something for everyone at Fond Doux, and that extends to the surrounding attractions on Saint Lucia as well. In fact, the resort functions as thee perfect base from which to explore this gem of an island, and even further out across the collection of Caribbean islands. For those that would rather stay local and enjoy the luxuries they are paying for, the sixteen eco-luxury cottages at Fond Doux are the perfect place to do so. Surrounded on all sides by lush rainforest landscapes and tropical gardens that are teeming with life, there is one- and two-bedroom accommodation available. Each one has been carefully designed with modern day charm, and features unique decorations such as madras prints, warm wooden floors, rattan furnishings, and beamed and vaulted ceilings that evoke a colonial heritage. The off- white walls are adorned with works by local artists from around Saint Lucia, and the bedrooms themselves feature luxurious four-poster beds for maximum comfort. There is everything to admire about what Fond Doux offers to its guests, and to the local communities of Saint Lucia. A deeply historical and characterful estate and resort also boasts the work of local artists and community partners without ever losing that sense of outstanding luxury and quality. Everything has been carefully and meticulously designed to ensure that the guest has the most perfect getaway they could ever imagine. This resort truly does have everything that a guest could ever want, and the staff are always on hand to deliver even more for those that want it. Fond Doux Eco Resort is an outstandingly perfect location, and it is fully deserving of this recognition in NewWorld Report. Company: Fond Doux Plantation & Resort Contact: Eroline Lamontagne Website: F Renowned for its romantic, intimate, and private and exclusive cottages, this collection of sixteen living spaces is perfect for those in search of a romantic getaway where couples can just be themselves.