North America Business Awards 2020

North America Business Awards 2020 | 21 Best High-End Architecture & Interior Design Firm - Yucatán With an emphasis on developing strong client relationships, Mexico-based design studio, R79, has weathered the Covid-19 storm and has great plans for future expansion. Founder, Roberto, tells us more. 79 is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary design agency which, in the words of founder Roberto Ramirez Pizarro, “works to see beyond just design.” The firm strives to be a company with integrity that comprehends every angle, aspect and need of both its clients and colleagues, in order to deliver across several mediums, including interior design, architecture, construction and graphic design. Established in 2010, R79 has always been a small, boutique firm, usually operating with no more than ten members to maintain a family- like environment. “Our projects should feel like a custom-made suit to the client,” enthuses Roberto. “We achieve this by giving every project the time, attention and importance it deserves, regardless of the size or scale.” R79 is located in the aptly named Design Alley office complex in Merida, the vibrant capital of the Mexican State of Yucatan, where its construction and graphic design fields work side-by-side with landscaping, interior design and other design aspects. Such proximity has cultivated an environment of collaboration and communication which Roberto states “often feels more like a big family than a company.” The perks of being a small firm with only a few members can be seen in decision-making, as Roberto always encourages and ensures every member of the team has an input and involvement in the process. “This guarantees that unilateral decisions are never made, and every point of view or idea is considered, in order to produce the best result for each and every project,” he explains. However another plus point in being a small, boutique firm is the bespoke offering that it can give. Roberto believes it is very important to fully understand the needs, and financial situation, of his clients as well as the sociocultural aspects of the project, so that he can propose adequate and innovative solutions that ultimately lead to complete client satisfaction. It is this personalized attention that gives R79 the edge over competitors operating within the same space. With projects being custom-made and a strong focus placed on customer relationships, the firm is able to deliver a proposal that meets the client’s economic, physical and psychological needs. “We are a company who has grown based on recommendations and the satisfaction of our clients. We´re a small company because we like to maintain a certain feeling when talking about our relationship with the clients, keeping it on a personal level so problem-solving and communication always feels familiar to them.” Indeed, the architectural world is constantly evolving and the team at R79 endeavours to always be at the forefront and in the vanguard of architectural and construction development. “We seek to accomplish this through actions, such as continuing to take new courses and attend relevant conferences, and innovation, constantly investigating and searching day-by-day for new physical and digital methods of design to push forward the industry and bring about new solutions, according to the era.” The Covid-19 pandemic saw R79 survive relatively unscathed as it was able to quickly adjust and adapt to the working from home model without the need for any redundancies or salary decreases. Although Roberto believes he has witnessed a generalized fear of investing, due primarily to people’s uncertainty of the future. “We´ve been fortunate to keep our clients and have continued to work on their projects, hoping that the general situation gets better for everyone,” he says. “Like many other businesses and industries, in comparison to the previous year, 2020 has definitely been a lower point, but thankfully the situation seems to be getting better and we believe it’s our duty to adapt.” Another challenge which R79 has faced, albeit this one has seen it exploring options for the last decade, is that of diversification. Roberto and the team have explored moving into different areas, such as interior design, commercial and residential architecture, single-family to multi-family housing, and different aspects of the market available. “The challenge is to look for new opportunities while offering something fresh and innovative,” he highlights. Although the future for r79 is looking positive. “We´ve been examining expansion through business alliances with friends and other companies, are also discussing ways of reaching other sectors as we work mostly on the southeast of México. Now we’re focussing on new projects and how to reach the USA market.” Contact: Roberto Ramirez Pizarro Company: R79 Website: R Nov20441