Legal Elite Awards 2020

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Legal Elite Awards 15 , Best Criminal Defense Firm 2020 – Northern California favor that we have always stayed ahead of the curve with the latest technology and we will certainly continue to do that. In addition, we will be looking to retain the exceptional team that we have right now as well as adding to it where needed. We’ve always endeavored to be the best in our field so that we can offer our clients the highest standard of legal service available, and that is one thing that will not change. Giving our clients the best will always be our guiding principle.” Company: The Chastaine Law Office Email: [email protected] Tele: 916-932-7150 Address: 2377 Gold Meadow Way, Gold River, CA 95670 Web: “Our mission is simple,” began Michael Chastaine in a recent conversation. “It is to provide every client with the most skilled legal representation to ensure they receive the best possible outcome to their case. We take a holistic and creative approach to make sure each client receives fair treatment in the court system. In order to deliver the best result, we limit the number of clients we take on so that we can proactively develop and pursue the most effective and efficient solution to their legal situation. Our legal team takes the time to analyze every aspect of each case and the evidence involved, exploring all legal options. “We understand that when people come to us, they’re scared for themselves or their loved one who has been accused. They are often confused and unsure about how to proceed. We realize it’s important to educate them about their situation in order for them to make the right decisions. One of the primary things we do for our clients is to reassure them that when they retain us, they will not be alone in their fight. We will be alongside them throughout their entire case. We check in with them every step of the way, Founded byMichael Chastaine in 2007, The Chastaine LawOffice has established a reputation as being one of California’s leading criminal defense firms, helping to protect the rights of clients charged with criminal misconduct throughout communities in Sacramento and surrounding counties. Consistently recognized by its peers as one of the best in its field, The Chastaine Law office was recently named the Best Criminal Defense Law Firm in Northern California by US Business News. Founder and lead attorneyMichael Chastaine, with over 34 years of criminal defense experience, has repeatedly been selected to the Best Lawyers in America List and the Northern California Super Lawyer List. Following their success in the Legal Elite Awards 2020, we contacted the firm to find out more. keeping them updated and giving them the guidance they need to proceed in the most effective way possible, right up to the time it’s all over and their case is finally wrapped up.” As an award-winning author of the “How to Survive” series of books on handling a criminal, domestic violence, sex crime or DUI arrest, Michael Chastaine is dedicated to helping his clients get their lives back on track. “It’s not just a matter of knowing the law, but of knowing who to talk to and where to look for answers,” explains Michael. “With our holistic approach to helping people, we go the extra mile to get our clients the assistance they need. We encourage them to address underlying issues to their problem such as substance abuse or psychological counseling.” Working in such a dynamic and competitive industry brings unique challenges to law firms today. The depth of Michael’s legal experience combined with the leadership skills he honed over a decade as a premier adventure racer distinguish the Chastaine Law Office from its competitors. In addition, his remarkable team of exceptional attorneys enhances the professional edge for which the firm is known. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the team to expand its use of technology to continue to provide the personal service their clients are used to. In addition to reaching out by phone to keep clients apprised of almost-daily changes in the court system, the team is utilizing video conferencing to maintain a face-to-face experience. The Chastaine Law Office website is regularly updated to reflect the latest news that concerns both existing and potential clients seeking the most up-to-date legal information. What lies in the future for the firm? “We are always looking to improve,” says Michael. “In recent weeks, it’s worked in our