Legal Elite Awards 2020

16 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Legal Elite Awards , For those unfortunate enough to have been discriminated against at work, the challenge of fighting back is increased ten-fold. Against them is an employer who has hired a large law firm to represent, no job, usually little money to fall back on and no one who is willing or able to explain the rights that they still hold. After ten years in investment banking, Bill Phillips decided that he could make a difference in a different line of work. Applying his considerable experience in the world of finance and business at large to those who have been impacted by workplace harass- ment and discrimination, he started some- thing new that would change the face of the industry. What was once a small operation has grown exponentially into one of the lead- ing lights of the legal profession. By bringing together top talents, it’s no surprise that Mr Phillips has been able to make such an impact. The best solicitors and attorneys serve the company’s clients. Those who find themselves in unique circumstances are able to turn to them and find a unique solution, tailored to suit the challenges they face. Many discrimination law firms charge an up- front fee, ranging between $500 and $5000 just for an initial consultation, but the team at Phillips & Associates take a different ap- proach. Free consultations are undertaken, with no attorney’s fees charged unless the team have successfully obtained a verdict or settlement. This is because they are a contin- gent employment law firm. In such troubling circumstances, the team do not feel they can ask for a fee from their clients. With the expensive costs of litigation, the team have proven exceptionally useful to clients. These are funded by the company. Best Employment Discrimination Law Firm 2020 - Eastern USA Issues of employment are one of the biggest challenges facing the legal profession today, with the power imbalance putting employees at a huge disadvantage. The need for delicate handling and expert advice is obvious. In these situations, clients cannot rely on their wits – they will be facing expert teams. Phillips & Associates have made their name in representing employees in these sorts of cases. We took a closer look at the firm. While many firms do not have the funds to do this themselves, with many cutting costs or corners, often with inferior litigation as the result, Phillips & Associates proudly puts all the money necessary into ensuring the best possible result. This applies through the process, from inception to trial, and even covering the appeal if required. This approach is inspired by the company’s consideration of the emotional effect on their clients. The Phillips & Associates team are acutely aware of the damage this can do to people in a very real sense. They are committed, therefore, to providing a sense of closure to the affair, and the opportunity to start again in a new job. The team has had to take on many cas- es, with regards to discrimination of age, disability, criminal history, gender and sexual orientation, but the most common at the moment is sexual harassment. A great deal of the company’s cases focus on this area, with pregnancy discrimination and a failure to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers a close second. One of the areas that has begun to pick up is that of medical discrimination, based on the use of medical marijuana. Those who have been given the necessary cards are testing posi- tive and being unfairly dismissed. Needless to say, the whole area of em- ployment law is one that is in constant flux, changing to suit an evolving situation. Phillips & Associates spend thousands of dollars on legal education for all its attorneys and staff, ensuring that clients are able not only to access their services, but receive a service that can make a real different to their lives. Attending different seminars and lectures, across the length and breadth of the United States is one of the ways in which the team are able to stay one step ahead. Mar20153 The result of this investment has been very impressive, and the team holds a number of attorneys who have achieved “best of” status, many who have achieved “Super Lawyer” status and four who are proud members of the prestigious “Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum”. Membership to this exclusive club comes only when an attorney has won or settled million and multi-mil- lion-dollar verdicts and settlements. Despite being a relatively small company, the team at Phillips & Associates have the ability to fight with the best of the large defense firms. This is thanks to the experienced team that comes to fight every case, combining resources in order to make the best possible claim. The laser focus on employment discrimination and sexual harassment has allowed them to become experts in the field and they do so well that they don’t need to move out of this niche. While their success has made Phillips & Associates the go-to firm for those with high net-worth, the team analyze every case based on liability. It doesn’t matter how much a person earns, if there is a case to be made then the team pursue it. This approach ensures that their doors are always open to everyone as opposed to just those who can afford what they do. With such success behind them, the team has a bright future ahead. Recently, they have been able to expand their offices, meaning they have a base in Westchester, Long Island, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Miami. This makes them the biggest firm in their field, but as long as the demand is there, the team will continue to expand their outlook. In many ways, the work that this team takes on is incredible, securing the rights of work- ers everywhere in a world that is naturally