Legal Elite Awards 2020

14 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Legal Elite Awards , Best Family Law Attorney 2020 (DFW): Marci Martinez The company’s unique selling point is the level of compassion and individualized service they are able to provide to their clients. They care about what their clients are going through on a personal level. Martinez Legal strives to meet all of their needs, on both a professional and personal level. The company also attempts to make sure they stay ahead of the curve in terms of changes in legislation and developments locally. They are also active in the local community, volunteering at many events and contributing to local charities. The internal culture that the company promotes is one of honesty, compassion and commitment in everything they do. This attitude remains consistent, whether they are in the office, in the courts, or representing the firm in the community. Going forward, the firm is planning to continue to remain active in the local community. Alongside this, they are also planning to continue to volunteer and contribute to their local food bank, North Texas Overdose Awareness and other community projects in the near future. With a number of exciting plans already in the pipeline for the firm, we are excited to see Martinez Legal, P.C. further flourish in the years to come. Contact: Marci Martinez Company: Martinez Legal, P.C. Telephone: 940 320 2922 Web: Since their inception, Martinez Legal, P.C has delivered an array of services in the areas of adoptions, both contested and uncontested divorce, premarital agreements, child support, custody cases and CPS cases. Marci Martinez also serves as a Qualified Mediator for the Denton County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. In addition to this, they also offer a private family mediation service. They are also a provider Martinez Legal, P.C provides a diverse range of family law services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Having accumulated years of experience within their respected field, we decided to take a closer look at Martinez Legal, P.C. and trailblazerMarci Martinez. of estate planning services for Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives to Physicians, HIPPA Releases and more. They have several estate planning packages to meet the needs for both individuals and couples. The overall goal of Martinez Legal, P.C is to serve people with compassion and candour. When people hire Martinez Legal, P.C., you’re getting more than professional representation. You get a lawyer that truly cares about the needs of each individual client at a core level. Leading the firm to remarkable heights is Marci Martinez, a well- respected lawyer who has been practising in Texas since 2008. In those twelve years, she has attained a number of personal awards which are recognised at both a state and national level. She is also a member of numerous professional associations. In addition to this already impressive portfolio, Marci received her Juris Doctor from Arizona State University, the same institution from which she received her Bachelor of Science. At Martinez Legal, P.C., they are a law firm with a personal touch. They are consistent, patient and professional, and they give each new case the personal attention it deserves. An integral part of their services is to work closely with their clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their unique legal needs. One word is common when clients talk about Martinez Legal, P.C. That word is compassion. Be it in a difficult divorce proceeding, a child custody case or a child adoption case, Marci is a compassionate lawyer who knows how to treat her clients with the utmost importance and care. The firm brings years of professional and personal experience to each case. They are able to tailor their experience to meet every clients’ unique needs. Every case plan is executed with experience and compassion.