2019 Mexican Business Excellence Awards

12 LATIN AMERICA NEWS / Mexican Business Excellence Awards 2019 , Sponyat Jet S.A. de C.V. Best Anticorrosive Cleaning Specialists 2019 Working with a wide range of industrial clients, Sponyat Jet is dedicated to providing anticorrosive protection services on land and offshore. The firm is amarketer of cleaning products and equipment as well as providingmaintenance for the industry, construction of all kinds of civil works. We profile the firmand share an overview of the services it has to offer. Established in 2010, Sponyat Jet began with the objective of providing its services to the different companies in the fields of oil, automotive, marine and private industry. As an 100% Mexican-owned and operated company Sponyat Jet is deeply committed to the development of the country as well as safety, health, protection and the environment. The firm’s exceptional industry experience allows it to solve any challenge and meet any need. This professionalism, service and quality is what sets the firm apart from its competitors. Clients Jun19455 know that this dynamic team is capable of facing the challenges that are currently presented worldwide and offer unique solutions that no other company can provide. When working with any new client Sponyat Jet works hard to ensure it provides a bespoke solution that meets their needs. To achieve this, the team works closely with the client from the start of the project to understand their business and requirements. As a leader in this highly- competitive market, Sponyat Jet is deeply committed to applying cutting-edge technology, ranging from ecological raw materials, application of coatings with innovation that eliminate steps in the application and make the solution quicker and easier. As a result, the firm is able to provide an exceptional quality solution to every client it has the pleasure to work with. Having focused on the oil and gas market since inception, moving forward Sponyat Jet is keen to venture into the rail and shipping market in Mexico. Internationally there have been very good results with the application of sponge technology, and the team believe that it would be a great achievement to change de use of grit, which is the current abrasive used in this industry, by the sponge, which will give greater efficiency to the sector, since it eliminates rework, and avoids the problem of the final disposal of the product, since sponge is almost recycled until it disappears. Overall, this innovative approach will help Sponyat Jet to remain ahead of the industry’s focus on sustainability and drive it towards greater renown within the Mexican market. Company: Sponyat Jet S.A. de C.V. Name: Andres Francisco Andrade Everardo Address: 18 de octubre 48b, Colonia Santa Clara, Minatitlàn, veracruz Telephone Number: 9933113231 Web Address: www.sponyatjet.com

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