2019 Mexican Business Excellence Awards

LATINAMERICANEWS / Mexican Business Excellence Awards 2019 11 , Hacienda Los Compadres Best Traditional Mexican Cuisine 2019 - Saltillo Nestled in the heart of Saltillo, Hacienda los Compadres brings to life the unforgettable aromas and flavours and the best gourmet experience. We profile the establishment to find out more about the delicious dishes and delectable treats it has to offer to its discerning diners. Hacienda Los Compadres brings the flavours and tastes of Mexican cuisine, combined with quality ingredients to ensure excellence for every diner the establishment has the pleasure to host. Part of Grupo Los Compadres, Hacienda Los Compadres draws on its legacy of excellence in the provision of Mexican cuisine to ensure diners receive the Jun19453 delicaies they love that are filled with flavour. The establishment offers a wide range of traditional dishes, such as its chili stuffed with chilaquiles, cuddled with a couple of crashed eggs, bean mirror and adobo sauce, as well as its lobster served with asparagus dipped in butter and sotol in the style of the hacienda. It also offers delicious Akaushi “red cow”, beef, made from this renowned breed of Japanese Wagyu cattle from the Kobe region of Japan. The meat produced by Akaushi cattle is richly veined with fat that gives it an unmatched taste and softness. There are a range of deals on offer, such as a free dish on birthdays and two steaks for the price of one, so that diners receive both value and excellence when they dine at Hacienda Los Compadres. Fundamentally, Grupo Los Compadres’ main objective is to surprise the diner, whilst at the same time respecting the product and making honest, creative, fresh and innovative cuisine. This will remain the focus for both the group and Hacienda Los Compadres over the years to come. Company: Hacienda Los Compadres Contact: Juan Aguirre Website : loscompadres.mx

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