2019 Mexican Business Excellence Awards

LATINAMERICANEWS / Mexican Business Excellence Awards 2019 13 , Tropical Incentives DMC Best Destination Event Management Specialists 2019 Most Outstanding for Customer Service Excellence 2019 AMexican family-owned company, Tropical Incentives DMC is a destinationmanagement company that generates unique experiences with high-quality standards. Operating as designer, producer, director, planner, consultant and strategist, the company are at forefront of ensuring that clients have the best experience inwhatever they are choosing to do. As part of ourMexican Business Excellence Awards 2019, see what makes Tropical Incentives the best destination event management specialists with truly excellent and outstanding customer service. Established in 1984, Tropical Incentives was created to use extensive knowledge of Cancun and the surrounding areas in providing professional design and implementation services for events, tours, activities, transportation and program logistics. Since the birth of the company, they have expanded to open offices in Los Cabos in 1992, Puerto Vallarta in 1996, and more recently Mexico City in 2012. Jul19614 Operating out of Cancun originally, the company is ideally located for any corporate events. Located in the north of the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun is home to high-end infrastructure, more than 180 hotels with over 35,000 rooms, diverse entertainment offerings and extraordinary dining experiences. Now the firm offer destinations that include Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico City, Los Cabos, La Paz, and Valle de Guadalupe. Working with internationally- renowned clients such as Mercedes-Benz, John Deere, Yahoo! and Scotiabank, Tropical Incentives strive for success in every event, tour or activity they plan. Exclusive programs for VIP clients require the very best personalised attention and luxury treatment, and this firm do not disappoint. Any client interaction begins with asking basic questions about the desired dates for an event, size of the group, the main purpose of the program, and type of program, to ascertain as much knowledge as possible. From there, Tropical Incentives then work to understand the clients desired objectives, expectations, best practices and things to avoid, so that they can make the best possible choices for their clients. For meetings and conferences, Tropical Incentives can help develop work materials from folders to presentations, or other services such as simultaneous translation and audio-visual equipment should clients require it. The team have their own fleet of private, luxury vehicles to help clients arrive and return home in style. A staff member is always on hand at a hotel, working their own hospitality desk to provide relevant information and offer services to clients. Ultimately, the success of Tropical Incentives is down to their thirty-five years of experience in creating authentic, unique and memorable experiences for clients. For passionate, effective and high- quality events, this Mexican business is the perfect partner. Company: Tropical Incentives DMC Contact: Arturo Aguirre Website : https://www. tropicalincentives.com/

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