Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 34 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Your wedding – the best day of your life – is a day that you’ll want to remember forever. There are, of course, numerous ways to do this, but an increasingly popular technique is the preservation of the flowers, typically a bouquet, used. One such company working in this arena is Sals Forever Flowers Ltd. Sals Forever Flowers specialises in creating keepsakes from events (weddings, funerals, etc.,) by encapsulating the flowers in resin to truly capture a moment in time. The company works diligently with couples and families to create a special memento from their occasion. Flowers can account for a significant portion of the wedding budget, and therefore, picking the ideal floral selection can take up a lot of time and effort. The idea behind Sals Forever Flowers bloomed when the owner, Salma Sanji, got married. She couldn’t bear the thought of her flowers going to waste, leading her to use an artificial bouquet. This was hardly her ideal scenario, but it had to suffice at the time. Slowly but surely, Salma began Within its first year of business, Sals Forever Flowers, a flower preservation company, won three prestigious awards – an incredibly impressive feat, especially when it is noted that much of this year was clouded by Covid-19 restrictions. The company has reached unprecedented levels of success thanks to its outstanding products and its even greater standard of customer service. Mar22619 Sals Forever Flowers Ltd Most Trusted Wedding Flower Preservation Specialists - UK researching various preservation methods and embarked on her resin odyssey. Salma founded Sals Forever Flowers a year later, and it has since grown into a thriving familyrun business. The team consists of Salma, Adam, and Kal. Salma handles the flower preservation and overall management of the business, Adam sands and buffs and can sometimes be found making deliveries, and Kal oversees flower sorting and packaging. As Sals Forever Flowers prides itself on its exceptional standard of customer service and quality of products, the business follows strict procedures when it comes to creating keepsakes and packaging them. Salma writes, ‘the flowers are always handled with utmost care and treated like they are our own. It is important to us that customers know who they are speaking with and are treated with dignity and respect no matter the occasion.’ ‘We believe in producing high quality handmade products with something available for everyone,’ she adds. Consequently, the company has exploded in popularity, with recommendations stemming from several florists across the UK. Additionally, the company recently learnt that its brand has reached as far as Dubai, with leaflets being distributed out there. Sals Forever Flowers has also dipped its toes into the American market, providing services for a select few couples with dried flowers. Perhaps most interestingly, the company worked with the first couple to marry postCovid-19 restrictions, creating bespoke jewellery, handbag, ornamental, and tealight holder keepsakes. The blog post covering this unique event can be found on the Sals Forever Flowers’ website. The Covid-19 pandemic struck during Sals Forever Flowers’ first year in business. As the wedding industry promptly came to a standstill, Sals Forever Flowers sustained itself through preserving memorial flowers for families. ‘We quickly learnt to adapt offering online appointments where customers wanted to speak to a business face to face. It felt like a very sad long year, but we came through the other side stronger,’ Salma testifies. Once restrictions eased, Sals Forever Flowers found that its home was no longer sufficient, and as a result, it needed to move into a larger space. The company’s new workshop was developed in order to cater to the expected level of demand. As such, this year, the company has moved from strength to strength, offering a diverse range of new products. Further, based on its customers’ feedback, Sals Forever Flowers now boasts new ranges, including furniture and accessories. Contact: Salma Sanji Company: Sals Forever Flowers Ltd Web Address: