Global Wedding Awards 2022 Page 33 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Owned by Lisa Geisler, Eclectic Elegance Events is a full-service catering, event planning, and design company that specialises in all types of events. It works with large corporations, affluent social events, and brides and grooms who are looking for a company that will take an invested interest in their special day by making sure every detail has been thoughtfully planned out and executed. Having seen such success within the Global Wedding Awards 2022, we got in touch with Lisa to learn more about her company. Eclectic Elegance Events Best Event Planning & Catering Business - Greater Denver Mar22515 With Eclectic Elegance Events, it’s all in the details. From location selection to menu creation, floral design to lighting and linens, every detail is meticulously thought out, creating weddings and events that are truly the stuff of dreams. They are completely custom-designed and inventive, while executed with class and perfection. A full service one-stop shop, this means there aren’t too many hands at an event and decreases the cost dramatically. The first step to Eclectic Elegance Events’ collaborative process is to meet, listen, discover, and respect the client’s visions, stories, and ideas for their wedding or event. Next, all of these ideas are taken and drafted into custom concepts for the client’s review, followed by the design stage where it is transformed from concept to composition. The team will refine their ideas and the client’s in order to have the perfect set-up for the event. Lastly, Lisa Geisler will bring the event to life with an unparalleled white glove service, guaranteeing a beautiful event experience that is just at the client envisioned it. In this industry, the hours that need to be put into the craft can be gruelling, so it is important to Lisa that she looks after her team. She says, “I try to make sure my staff have a happy work/life balance. My goal is to make sure my staff do not get burned out, and that they are heard with any ideas that can make our company bigger and stronger. I don’t know everything; I always want to keep learning and improving, and to do that you have to listen to those around you. I also never ask my staff to do something I would not do myself; I am not above doing dishes. This is what my staff and clients like most about me – I get my hands just as dirty as my staff.” As dedicated as Lisa and her team are to their work, sometimes there are situations that just take the control out of your hands, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Like every other catering and event planning company, Eclectic Elegance Events was crushed by the last two years. Lisa shares, “All but one 2020 wedding had to be delayed until 2021, so most weddings that we planned once had to be replanned. The most difficult part was we basically lost what was going to be the biggest wedding year on our books. Some brides and grooms unfortunately lost their jobs and therefore had to scale back their wedding, with some cancelling altogether.” The biggest challenges the company faced during this period were staffing and inflation; although inflation is still an issue, Lisa is now grateful to have an excellent team behind her. She describes them as “rockstars”, saying, “They are professional and react wonderfully with each of my clients and their guests. Appearance and professionalism are extremely important in this industry, and unfortunately during COVID, we were just trying to find bodies rather than talent. Thankfully, I now have staff that complement the elegant company I created five years ago.” Fortunately, Eclectic Elegance Events survived this extremely tough period, supported by clients who did what they could to keep it afloat. Lisa shared, “The past two years tested every fibre of strength I had. I absolutely love what I do, and I was scared COVID was going to ruin our industry forever. People would tell me “I love how positive you are”, and I did not want to inform them that on many days, it took everything I had to be positive – Most days it was a complete show. “I spent every day trying to remain relevant by learning new skills to become a better version of me, so when COVID was over I would not be forgotten. So thankful it worked because I am back!” Now Eclectic Elegance Events is finally getting back on its feet, Lisa’s sights are set on its future. She tells us, “I would like to expand my company and brand internationally and maybe event have our own reality television show that showcases the harsh reality of everything events. It is a job that is often looked at as glamorous – it is anything but. You work very long hours, and it seems you are always lifting and hauling things; I don’t even bother getting manicures. “In 2022, I just want to get back to where I was before COVID and continue to grow and learn everything my fabulous industry has to offer.” Company: Eclectic Elegance Events Contact: Lisa Geisler Email: [email protected] Website: