Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 32 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards 2767 A wedding photography and videography company, Brownie Photography & Production has cut its teeth on capturing beautiful, poignant, and irreplaceable moments in ways that retain the magic of the big day. Fundamentally, Ashley Brown, the sole trader behind the business, ensures that the documentation of the event also includes the moments beforehand, working with her customers to really get to know them and to make herself a friend and partner in the process of wedding planning. Telling the stories of the people she photographs, she captures the true essence of what makes each couple special, with her photography and videography being able to pick out the quirks and small moments that show the beauty of everyone in turn. She, and the team of people she contracts on a regular basis, promise to be reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking at every stage of the process. Therefore, it is fair to say that the core of her business is to capture love in its purest Being an exemplary sole trader that is making herself a staple of the wedding photography industry, both in Texas, where she calls home, and all over the world, Brownie Photography & Production is run by the eponymous Ashley Brown. With her expert eye for artistry, her love of creative storytelling through visual media, and her dedication to bringing out the individual beauty of the couples she works with, she makes herself a friend and partner to her clients, working with empathy, inclusivity, and an open heart. Mar22071 Brownie Photography & Production Best Full-Day Wedding Photography / Videography Team - South-Central USA form. Offering engagement sessions, full wedding day shoots, elopement services, and bridal shoots, Ashley Brown works hard to ensure that no matter what a client’s personal aesthetic and wishes are, she can rise to the challenge. Excited to be able to work with the wide variety of people that she does, she feels honoured to bring Brownie Photography & Production storytelling to so many projects, each of which result in memories that a couple can look back on years down the line and feel the intensity of the emotions they did in the moment. In an era of media where everyone wants to capture these cherished memories, wedding photography has become a competitive field. Brownie Photography & Production, therefore, has been able to stand out through its founder’s dedication to artistry, and the stylism that she brings to each project. After all, it is her unique eye that makes her artistry so enthralling. Having pushed through the trials and tribulations of Covid-19, Ashley has been working harder than ever to strategize, plan, and produce, throwing herself bodily into the whirlwind adventure of an industry that is constantly in flux, keeping her finger on the pulse of new trends and developments. Working with inclusivity, empathy, and artistry as its core tenants, Brownie Photography & Production invites clients from all walks of life and couples of all kinds to get in touch to find out how she can help them. Unconditional love, after all, knows no boundaries; and for Ashley, it is important that her business reflects this. Focusing on travelling the world, capturing its diverse and beautiful people, and regularly covering most of South Central USA, Brownie Photography & Production looks forward to the challenges and opportunities that the future will surely hold, excited to meet many more people and preserve their precious memories forever. Company: Brownie Photography & Production Contact: Ashley Brown Website: