Global Wedding Awards 2022 Page 31 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Described as the Tampa Bay wedding market leaders, Spark Wedding Events is known for being the first business to bring batteryoperated magnetic quality pin spotlighting as well as Cold Spark to the Tampa area. Since 2008, it has been recognized for its vast offerings that turn a simple scenario into a magical reality. Established as the Best Wedding DJ and Lighting Design Company in Tampa, Spark Wedding Events has been bringing glam, fun, and unforgettable moments to the lives of individuals, sparking up events with love, laughing and a bit of ambience. SparkWedding Events Best Wedding DJ & Lighting Design Company - Tampa Bay Area Since its launch, Spark Wedding Events has been showcasing a different quality of wedding and event magic that uplifts the mood and the industry as a whole. Beginning in 1990, owner Michael Greenberg has dedicated his career to learning all the aspects of creating a successful DJ business. His passion developed over time, and eventually, Michael worked for two of the largest entertainment companies in Baltimore, Maryland – the first step that led him to begin his own journey in the market. By 2008, Michael started Nature Coast Professional Disc Jockeys, which evolved into Nature Coast Entertainment Services. In 2018, it changed its name to Spark Wedding Events which features its unique selling point – sparkler fountains – an event-changing centrepiece that is bound to get the guests talking. Expanding on the company’s offerings, Michael adds, “We are a boutique entertainment company that provides elegant and professional entertainment for today’s modern couples. We work with everyone from newlyweds and NFL superstars to even the Mayor of Tampa!” Over the years, Spark Wedding Events has adapted and changed to introduce unique and exciting offerings to keep up with its reputation for providing elegant entertainment with a diversified flare. Thus, in 2013, the company incorporated pin spot highlighting into its lighting design, in 2017 brought in sparkler fountains – the first company to do so in the Tampa market. And for many years, it was the only company. “I’ve been working in the wedding/ event industry for over 30 years, and I love seeing the amazement on my clients’ faces when we bring their vision to life. We don’t do cookie-cutter weddings. Instead, we are passionate about the client’s vision, then work hard to use technology and innovation to bring their vision to life,” boasts Michael. With every passing year, Spark Wedding Events is growing, expanding, and offering a wider range of unique services to spark up an event from ceremonies and weddings to local parties and organizational affairs. With more on the horizon, Michael and his team ensure that they are always up to date with the most modern experiences and products and thus often invited to Trade Shows such as LDI and appear as guests of FUEL Lighting Systems, which showcases how their products can be utilized and perfected in the wedding market. At Spark Wedding Events, various services are offered, from DJ services, lighting design, sparkler fountains and special effects, photo booth experiences, live musicians and video walls to rental neon signs and retro phone audiobooks – comprehensive packages that are readily available to suit a plethora of needs. However, regardless of its innate uniqueness that is clearly well defined and appreciated by its customers, Spark Wedding Events is reputable for another aspect of business – its values. Michael expands on this statement, saying, “Our values are clear. We provide outstanding services to our clients while continuing to be a trendsetting force in the wedding and events industry - collaboration over competition. We want to under promise and over deliver so that our clients always feel the WOW factor.” In addition to this, the staff who work with Michel ensure they always provide outstanding service to clients. This is done by being honest, prompt, knowledgeable, and adaptable, making the team so well regarded in the industry. Spark Wedding Events is looking to continue its innovation in the industry and grow along with the market to ensure it is always offering its clients the best quality and service for them to achieve their dream event. Thus, the company has been working tirelessly to introduce new additions such as 360 spin booths, video walls and retro phone audiobooks. Finally, Michael gives his final comments on the articles, stating, “We try to keep on top of the trends, research the market and decide if this will be a service that we will offer... then we showcase what we can do!” Regarded as the Best Wedding DJ & Lighting Design Company in the Tampa Bay area, Michael and his team are continuing to thrive in the market, bringing love, lights and laughing to the centre of the business and giving its clients an unforgettable spectacle that’ll be the talk of the town. Company Name: Spark Wedding Events Contact Name: Michael Greenberg Web Address: