Global Wedding Awards 2022

Page 30 LUX 2022 Global Wedding Awards Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Josh Vassar Films is a reputable wedding film business run by non-other than Josh Vassar, an incredibly creative and talented individual who pushes his drive of producing uniquely intrinsic videos into a thriving company. He captures the love shared between two people and showcases it through a timeless medium that embraces the beauty in a couple’s one-of-a-kind wedding moment. With Josh, each wedding film is crafted to reflect the uniqueness of the couples, and for his company and founding principles, the overall goal is to create a moment that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. “Growing up, I have always had a passion for anything creative. I started in videography with just a basic point and shoot camera when I was nine, and since then, I have fallen in love with the art of visually telling a story. We all have one to tell, and my goal is to do it the most visually intriguing way possible,” explains Josh Vassar, videographer and owner of Josh Vassar Films. While the company is innately based in Alaska, Josh’s talents have spread internationally and have clients visiting from all over the world, taking their moment of a lifetime and capturing the truly unique essence that makes them individuals. “Here Born and raised in the breathtaking state of Alaska, Josh Vassar is renowned for his ability to create a magical and forever-beloved moment that has been captured with innate skill and passion that allows his clients to view the unique visual embodiment of their wedding day. Established as Alaska’s Best Wedding Videographer of 2022, Josh is a youthful individual who is able to put his newfound dream of remodelling the love shared between two people into art – showcasing the entirety of their special day as the gift that keeps on giving. Mar22621 JoshVassar Films LLC Best Wedding Videographer 2022 (Alaska): Josh Vassar at Josh Vassar Films, we value authenticity and creativity. Each film starts with us listening to the couple and hearing their story, which allows us to use creativity to tell their story best,” adds Josh. The biggest worry for any couple is missing any moments from their special day. With Josh Vassar Films, everything will be captured in a breathtakingly original way that allows individuals to remember their wedding from a new point of view. With each film being able to reflect the uniqueness of each person and their wedding, the goal for the company is to bring a gift that keeps on giving, a cherished moment that will be loved for the rest of their lives. Getting a personalised video from Josh is quite simple, but that does not mean that the effort gone into the product isn’t anything but extraordinary and done with the utmost skill and respect. From initial contact to the finished result, every detail gone into the video will authentically capture his client’s magical day in a way that showcases equal amounts of love and talent through each second elapsed. “My filmmaking style is simple and authentic. My goal with your wedding film is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I will focus on the natural moments that occur between two people madly in love. For this to happen, it works best for us to meet – this meeting gives me an opportunity to discover your journey as a couple and get an idea of what you find important to include in the video,” explains Josh. Couples can be sure that with whatever details are given to Josh and his team, it will be executed with the best standard and quality as each member is hired to fit their roles perfectly, showcasing the high-quality respect and talent given to the industry and Josh’s clients. Josh expands on this statement, adding, “Every time we hire someone here at Josh Vassar Films, I always make sure that they will fit well with our brand and be able also to build relationships with our couples. We want the couples to feel relaxed and at ease around our videographers, leading to more authentic videos. Everything we do here is relationship first, from working with our clients to staff and contractors. We want everyone to feel loved and cared for when they work with us. We take the time to get to know our clients to understand their story better.” Currently, Josh is looking forward to the 2022 wedding season, with the addition of new features being released for his packages. Josh ends the article with his final statement, enthusing, “Something we are adding to all of our wedding films this year is an adventure or at-home sessions. This is an even more relaxed session away from the wedding day where we are able to capture raw footage of just the couple, providing more background to their story.” With the continuous reputation as the Best Wedding Videographer in Alaska, Josh Vassar is putting a new spin on romance, capturing the simplistic beauty that lingers between each moment and recording it for generations to see. Company Name: Josh Vassar Films LLC Contact Name: Joshua Vassar Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]