Global Wedding Awards 2022 Page 35 Latin music is internationally renowned for its unique and passionate soul. It can be fiery or emotional, melodic, or upbeat. Henceforth, it is the perfect soundtrack for a wedding party – Guitarras Latinas, a band from Phoenix Arizona, are the shining stars in this field. Guitarras Latinas Best Latin Music Wedding Band - Arizona Mar22610 Music is the vital backdrop for any successful event – especially weddings. There’s a lot to take into consideration, including the genre, the guests’ preferences, and the couple’s own taste. Guitarras Latinas is a five-man band that can resolve these issues. Stemming from Phoenix, Arizona, Guitarras Latinas supplies the ‘most exciting live Latin music’ in the city. Indeed, Guitarras Latinas performs the very best of Latin music – from Gypsy Kings to Santana. However, their musical prowess allows them to extend their skills into other genres, with their broad repertoire allowing them to tailor their setlist to any audience. This is especially beneficial within Arizona thanks to the diversity of the state. From Mexico to Brazil and Spain, Guitarras Latinas is sure to have a style perfect for your event. Guitarras Latinas truly capture the warmth of Latin music, from the driving percussion to the unique chords and riffs that are recognisable to even the most inexperienced of ears. They embody the soul, the passion, and the power within each song, resulting in a confident and lively performance. Charisma is exuded by each member, and their stage presence is second to none. Moreover, their years of experience within the industry guarantees a performance that will pass by without a hitch. As such, the band has performed at numerous prestigious venues throughout Arizona. Their blend of ‘Spanish Fire and Passion’ has been showcased at the Mesa Arts Center – a venue that has also hosted Belinda Carlisle and the YouTube sensation Kurtis Conner, who has amassed over 3.85 million subscribers. Additionally, Guitarras Latinas have performed at the Phoenix Art Museum, Wrigley Mansion, and the RitzCarlton, Paradise Valley. Examples of the band’s performances can be easily found on their YouTube channel – including their performance at CALA Festival, which has gained over 50,000 views. At your wedding, you can expect to experience a true Latin-infused show. One that will support your special day without being overpowering, demanding, or troublesome. In essence, Guitarras Latinas will breathe life into the party, playing vibrant hits that are sure to fill the dancefloor. Be it their whirlwind tour of Latin American music or their covers of artists such as Eric Clapton and Jason Mraz, Guitarras Latinas is sure to be loved by everyone – old and young – as their music is a force of unity. This is greatly reflected within the reviews and testimonials surrounding the band. Maureen M. O’Brien of the Musical Instrument Museum writes, ‘they were energetic and friendly, as well as courteous and professional at all times. […] Our guests raved about the performance, and many requested the band’s information. […] I recommend them wholeheartedly for the range and beauty of their repertoire, and their ability to connect with audiences.’ This is further backed up by the testimony of Augie Gastelum, the coordinator of the Mesa Sister Cities – September Concert, who states, ‘The diversity and energy of their music was captivating.’ Contact: Ken Osorio Company: Guitarras Latinas Web Address: