German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 57 , Oct213 Oct21820 93 Best Integrated Digital CommunicationSolutions Developer - Europe The world has quickly become dependent on the digital sphere – whether it’s communicating via social media, purchasing products fromonline stores, and promoting businesses, the internet is integral to the modernworld. Drive GmbH& Co. KG are a digital media agency that aim to create innovative digital communication solutions. It is devoted to providing a quality, affordable service, which helps businesses refresh their online presence. Founded in 2002, Drive GmbH & Co. KG is a digital media agency that design and develop solutions for digital communication and applications. Based in Hanover, the company works on employer branding, digital transformation, e-commerce, and internal and external communications for B2B and B2C operations. The company aims to control and ultimately further its client’s development with suitable suggestions, ideas, and improvements. Furthermore, Drive GmbH & Co. KG is an authorised member of the government support programme Go-Digital, which aids smaller companies in optimising their digital platforms. Offering a variety of services, Drive GmbH & Co. KG provides its expertise to clients in the hopes that it will bolster its customer’s digital profile. It devises, designs, and develops products across a variety of sectors such as website relaunches, digital transformations, and employer and internal communications. Working on mobile apps, social media design, and websites and portals, Drive GmbH & Co. KG steers companies towards a long-term, high positioning in the digital market. Boasting a diverse portfolio, Drive GmbH & Co. KG has worked with a variety of clients. Indeed, from architecture and construction firms to retail giants, the company has had the pleasure of working with prestigious institutions, such as Leibniz University Hannover. Its diverse range of work simply benefits the company, having provided it with the experience to handle any project – big or small. Home to a diverse team of staff, Drive GmbH & Co. KG hones in on professional and personal development. Taking care of its staff is a priority, providing an array of opportunities for employees to learn and develop their skills, this includes internal and external seminars presented by in-house and external lecturers. Additionally, Drive GmbH & Co. KG allows staff members to continue their education as further training is a priority to the company. Running its own advanced training programmes, Drive GmbH & Co. KG also allows staff to undertake external programmes which offer diplomas and degrees. The team is passionate and enjoys what they do, and therefore the company is able to thrive, blossoming from a hotbed of creativity. It is with its team in mind that Drive GmbH & Co. KG chooses its methods, aiming to create a balance of hard work and enjoyment. Founded upon a base of transparency, the company prides itself on its ability to communicate effectively, benefitting both staff and clients. Moreover, the efficient nature of its communication allows Drive GmbH & Co. KG to build intensive documentation and gain information quickly. Ultimately, Drive GmbH & Co. KG aims to work and create across a variety of media, designing clear and consistent pieces that are easily recognisable and distinguishable. It hopes to make use of the best technology possible whilst continuing to progress and develop. Building on its background of diversity, innovation, and action, Drive GmbH & Co. KG aims to achieve an outcome that benefits everyone – mediating between the wishes and needs of the client while maintaining a successful team. Go-Digital, a programme created by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, was founded to support companies in optimising digital platforms. Recently joining the project, Drive GmbH & Co. KG feels that it’s important to be online and understands that digital processes can often be a challenge to small businesses. Drive GmbH & Co. KG is an authorised consulting company for such projects, and therefore, if the client’s project complies with the funding guidelines, the state pays half of the cost. With regards to the future, Drive GmbH & Co. KG is doing all it can to further develop its skills and reputation in its industry as well as amongst existing or potential clients. Contact: Stephan Probst and Claas Beuke Company: Drive GmbH & Co. KG Web Address: