German Business Awards 2021

56 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 alongside its ease of use and seamless adaptation to the paradigm of digitization that came about latest due to the pandemic; research results in the ‘Handelsjournal’ suggest that 87% of Germans will keep buying online even after the pandemic, and that this market segment wants to find better ways to live sustainably. With an internal culture of diversity, fairness, and sustainability, shipcloud is making itself a linchpin in the race to make this possible, having won a myriad of awards in 2021. shipcloud also won f.e. the Business Punk Award of the ‘Top Start-up Employer’ of the year. That it hopes to use as a springboard to further success in 2022 and beyond. Company: shipcloud GmbH Contact: Gwen Sahmoune Website: Oct21216 Best Sustainable Shipping Provider 2021 With the pandemic making at the latest online retail more of a cornerstone of society than ever before, shipcloud GmbHhas made itself the company ensuring that these services run as smoothly as possible for companies and end customers alike. Therefore, as the pandemic started, it created f.e. a subscription for four months without monthly subscription fees, allowing news clients tomake use of its Software as a Service platform, enabling the seamless shipping of orders with different carriers that will reliably deliver these packages to the customer for less. Having been selected as a ‘Top 20 Leading Logistics Company in Europe‘ by Logistics Tech Outlook, its intuitive and recently sustainability focused work has truly propelled it into the spotlight latest in the past 18months. shipcloud, a company dedicated to connecting online retailers, marketplaces, and fulfilment service providers to all relevant carriers, has made a name for itself with its simple and uniform way of working. Fundamentally, it makes use of standardised procedures that have been well developed over time and experience in order to grant online retailers access to the best way to get their products to their customers in record time and with sensible budgeting in mind. Thanks to their uniform interface connected to all relevant carriers, the use of shipcloud gives retailers access to the services of DHL, DHL Express, Deutsche Post, DPD, UPS, and many more, helping companies operating in the German economic ecosystem to give customers uncomplicated and streamlined shipping services both nationally and internationally. Additionally, it handles this by providing a software as a service – or SaaS – platform that each of its clients have come to laud as highly reliable, user intuitive, and efficient. Thanks to the modern RESTful API and over 130 integrations, shipcloud offers clients easy integration into everything from shop, ERP and inventory management to marketplaces and fulfilment systems, and the integration of something leaps and bounds more efficient than connecting to a single carrier. shipcloud, in essence, enables automated generation and printing of shipping labels, automated multi-carrier tracking, and smart return solutions, streamlining the experience for all involved. Having created such an exemplary platform, it has since moved into the next stage of innovation. Now, it has taken over the upsell of GoGreen labels for customers, allowing the end user to help their favourite company to offer sustainable shipping methods. With greenhouse gases and climate change being such a pressing issue, it wishes to make itself a front-runner in shaping the future of e-commerce to be better mindful of this, especially with the recent boom of international e-commerce in Germany. Moreover, working with the greatest number of carriers in the German speaking region, it is showing its wider industry the business sense in being technical excellent, environmentally responsible and customer-focused. After all, these factors have contributed to its success,