German Business Awards 2021

58 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 a difference. From sustainability to the social responsibility of the company, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany takes development seriously, creating a healthy working environment for its staff. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a large impact on the events industry. As countries went into lockdowns, there was a noticeable decrease in live events, and this left many companies without work. LLG GmbH - Light League Germany found it hard to employ new staff and find new talents. Additionally, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany has observed that customers are unaware of how to create their own targets and meet them, which is typically where LLG GmbH - Light League Germany offers its assistance. To rectify this, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany has delved into the digital world, developing its own 360° platform which will take streaming to another level. Alongside its plans to develop a streaming service, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany are focusing on robotics and how AI could influence the events industry. With its new product, the robot Ernie, the company hopes to influence the rise in digital communications and inspire innovation within the industry. Indeed, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany has a busy year ahead, filled with exciting projects that it is currently keeping under wraps. Contact: Christoph Zimmermann Company: LLG GmbH - Light League Germany Web Address: Oct21655 Best Full-Service Event Technology Company 2021 As of late, the events industry has been going through a turbulent time – the Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to create innovative ways to design and host events. At the forefront of the industry, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany, with its bespoke event plans, has become a leader in creativity. Having developed a variety of digital solutions to rectify the lack of in-person events, it is no surprise that the company has been awarded this prestigious German Business Award 2021. LLG GmbH - Light League Germany is a full-service provider in the events industry – creating concepts for companies across a variety of industries, from media agencies to publishing houses. Specialising in concepts for digital communications, digital formats for in-house broadcast studios, and concepts for fixed installations, the previous few years have placed focus on digital approaches within the events industry, which LLG GmbH - Light League aims to take advantage of. A highlight for LLG GmbH - Light League Germany was when it had the opportunity to work on Seven One Media’s ‘Germany’s Next Top Model Experience 2019.’ The company designed and built lavish booths and stages complete with intricate lighting and décor. Each bespoke design was tailored to the company’s needs – from Got2B to Sephora, each booth was fitted with brand-specific items and finished with fine details. Operating under the motto, “quality is not a benchmark, but a principle,” LLG GmbH - Light League Germany prides itself on the high-quality service it provides. Indeed, the company aims to fully understand its client’s requirements and fulfil them in an efficient manner. Furthermore, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany believes that by working in a partnership with its clients that it will be able to coordinate perfectly with them. Aiming to pursue long-term relationships with its customers, it is this bond that creates a dynamic process, and therefore makes the project’s growth sustainable. LLG GmbH - Light League Germany demands transparent communication across all levels of the business. Individual responsibility is a necessity; however, the company also wants to ensure that trainees have access to a full range of knowledge to get them invested in the industry and its fields. In addition, LLG GmbH - Light League Germany focuses on important topics that it believes will attract prospective employees and ultimately make