German Business Awards 2021

46 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Oct21109 Best Computer Science Research & Technology Provider 2021 In a world where data sciences and research are becomingmore important by the day, the Institute of Computer Vision and applied Computer Sciences, also known as IBaI, has made itself a cornerstone for its continued research and development. Providing reliable and exemplary research that has proven useful for amyriad of different professional market segments and fields, its incredibly well trained and educated teamhas made IBaI a front- runner when it comes to everything from computer vision to datamining, operating in both basic and applied researchwith the utmost sophistication. The Institute of Computer Vision and applied Computer Sciences – or IBaI – is a basic and applied research lab that deals in computer science in particular. Handling all manner of theoretical methods for artificial intelligence, case-based reasoning, image, and signal classification, data mining, computer vision, clustering, and more, the application areas that this company boasts are myriad and complex. With such a wide range of ways in which it can help the wider corporate infrastructure such as providing resources and solutions for life sciences, multimedia, data, imaging, web mining, world wide web, internet of things, and more, IBaI’s research has become widely renowned for being reliable, trustworthy, and applicable. This has set it in good stead for becoming a darling of its industry. Fundamentally, the institute has made this possible by employing a staff of highly qualified researchers from all over the world, and across a myriad of different competencies, fields, and qualifications. Its team is made up of people who come from backgrounds such as computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, and physics, all of whom are highly competent and incredibly diligent when it comes to plying their trade in the lab proper, making use of IBaI’s incredibly modern equipment and high standard research processes. Moreover, it recognises the need for standardised and well documented processes, and so every piece of equipment and part of the facility has been designed to be fit to purpose. This further increases the reliability of its results as it can reduce extraneous variables that may confound the research, involved in national and international projects on a daily basis from research to RTD. IBaI is also involved heavily in the development of research themes such as machine learning, data mining in pattern recognition, and case-based reasoning in computer vision, as well as image processing on an international level. Due to this, it has also organised events for the World Congress DSA – the frontiers in intelligent data and signal analysis – and the most important international congress dedicated to the study of the subject, working hard to shape the future of the fields it touches. Company: Institute of Computer Vision and applied Computer Sciences, IBaI Contact: Petra Perner Website: