German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 45 , Oct21136 Best Precious Metals Consultancy 2021 Gold and silver have performed strongly this year amid the pandemic and global uncertainties. With investors moving back towards securing their wealth in precious metal assets, andmany collectors hobbies having received a new lease of life over the course of the pandemic, Münzen-Medaillen-Frankfurt has seen an uptick in demand for its services. Offering information, valuation, and research into precious metals and ancient coinage for private investors, collectors, and all manner of other clientele, this company has become well known for the diligence and reliability of its work, as well as the wide network of sources and information at its fingertips. Münzen-Medaillen-Frankfurt – a company started by Walter A. Braun in 2005 – is one that was built up from a long and storied history in the field of precious metals trading and numismatics. Taking pride in the experience that emboldens its every operation, Münzen- Medaillen-Frankfurt considers itself one of the most important contact points in the Rhein- Main-region (around the financial metropolis Frankfurt/Main) for the collectors and sellers of precious metals. Fundamentally, it uses this wealth of experience in its industry to provide outstanding consultancy services for auction houses, brokers, banks, and more, working as appraisers to provide accurate and sophisticated valuation services from friendly and enthusiastic people. It can support collectors in completing their collections of coins from the Middle Ages onwards, and, excitingly, its international team can serve many of its clients in their mother tongue in order to give understanding, empathic valuation services above and beyond the language barrier. Thus, it has been able to build up an exemplary network of professional and educational contacts in its field. This and its incredible team allow it an exemplary insight into the world of numismatics, with the staff operating the company each carrying in-depth historical knowledge that spans 5 centuries worth of learning, each being a historian of different elements, eras, and regions. The company’s reach over the last two and a half years has grown exponentially and shows no signs of stopping. Able to provide clients with second-to-none information about ancient coinage that is backed up by a wealth of well-sourced and reliable research, seeing the culmination of people and knowledge as its crowning achievement, as it is able to boast a group of staff who are diligent, trustworthy, and dedicated. The empathic and tenacious way of working that this company’s staff embody throughout the process of working with a client has earned them many a return customer and loyal client for whom it is their one-stop-shop for coinage and precious metals information. With the metal valuation and historical knowledge sector in Germany being such a diverse, dynamic, and thriving industry, the businesses within have each become known for their quality, professionalism, and reliability. Münzen-Medaillen-Frankfurt is no different. However, it sets itself apart from the rest with the truly empathetic customer service that it has worked so hard to build. Striving to rise to meet any challenge its industry may present it, Münzen-Medaillen-Frankfurt will be continuing to provide its incredible services long into the future, working hard to respond to the current paradigm of investors moving back towards investing in precious metals as a safe harbour in which to secure their wealth. Lastly, boasting a mostly female team and processes that a client can put their faith in, it will be continuing to be emboldened by its internal culture of friendliness and support as it moves towards the future of shaping the wider industry, and improving the status quo. Company: Münzen-Medaillen-Frankfurt Contact: Walter Braun, Rossmarkt 10, 60311 Frankfurt am Main Email: [email protected] Phone: +49 (0) 260 90 656 Website: https://