German Business Awards 2021

44 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Carlo has amassed quite the roster of returning loyal clients – this salon can be found in Oberhausen on Essener Street, near the centre of the local area. With regards to its colouring services, it provides an effective measure for the permanent colouration of hair follicles. Resulting in a vibrant, long-lasting, and brilliant colour that will remain top quality throughout its life cycle, it uses only the highest quality of product on its client’s hair, utilising conditioners that are specifically designed for use on coloured hair and employing techniques that give hair dimension, nuance, and depth. Depending on the base the salon has to work with, taking into account the natural colouration of the client’s hair to allow for a more graceful effect when the colour begins to grow out, the mixture of dyes and products that Beauty Carlo uses will always be a little different for each and every person, resulting in a bespoke approach to hair colour. This is something it teaches in its salon school education as well as something it deploys in its home salon. Essentially, Betania Carlo hopes that this will foster a new attitude in the haircare industry of tailor- made haircare and hair styling solutions, for which she and her trainees are the front- runners. The initial colouration is always incredibly important as it is the time when Betania and the customer get to know one another, but is always followed up with the additional – and just as important – follow up sessions to allow for full professionalism and attention to detail, with advice for the client offered at every turn to guide them on their hair colour and styling journey. Company: Beauty Carlo Friseur & Betania Carlo Educator Contact: Betania Carlo Website: Oct21155 Best Hair & Beauty Salon - North West Germany Beauty Carlo, a company led by educator and haircare professional Betania Carlo, is a salon and training business that came to Germany after years of success in Brazil. Offering everything from coloration to hair extensions, as well as more classic barber services and training for professionals young and old, Beauty Carlo is ready and willing to help both end clients and fellow professionals in finding their own exemplary personal style of haircare. Beauty Carlo is a company that started in Brazil with the founder, Betania Carlo. She grew her experience and expertise during this time with serving the market segment of loyal customers in the region, and eventually found herself ready and raring to go to rise to the next challenge. Fundamentally, this resulted in a move to Germany that was geared towards gaining further education and solidifying the brand she wished to build for herself in the industry of hair care and hairdressing, leading her to the completion of her master’s examination in hairdressing in 2009. Since then, Betania has been gaining significant notoriety in the new market segment she has found herself in, setting up Beauty Carlo and gathering an exemplary team around herself so that she can offer incredible services not just for the end customer, but for fellow professionals. Offering hairstyles, extensions, beauty, makeup, and modern, creative colouring techniques, Beauty Carlo as a business focuses on the creation of the bold and the brave. With a passion that stems from its founder’s love of colour and playfulness, Beauty Carlo is always excited to work with a client to find a new shade and hairstyle that they’ll love, showing them the joy in switching up the look of your hair and the boost in confidence that can result. Looking forward to the visits of clients old and new – as Beauty