German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 47 , Sep21841 Most Innovative Skincare Brand 2021 Vitayes is a young cosmetics brand based in Frankfurt amMain, Germany. The company was founded in 2015 by the entrepreneur, Hakan Yedier, who is still the sole shareholder. In a world where the consumer expects things to be available on demand – films, music, shopping, food… Vitayes now brings cosmetics to the table, offering a cosmetic line that fits with the times – high-quality, innovative formulations which create instantly visible results from the first use. Vitayes targets women and men aged 30+ who have the desire to manage the signs of ageing. The company analyses the needs of the consumers of today and offers them the most outstanding products: highly efficient solutions that work instantly. Vitayes’ promise is simple: always look younger than your actual age. Over the years, its young, motivated team has succeeded in developing some of the most talked-about cosmetics innovations. The secret of its success lies in its unique, well- composed recipe and production method. The company now has a growing portfolio of high-performing products, its flagship being the Instant Ageback cream, which can be defined as a gamechanger within the cosmetics industry. The secret of the product’s success is the unique formula containing powerful peptides and high-quality ingredients. To go alongside its superior products, Vitayes strives to offer its clients the best possible service. Its friendly customer service provides help and advice on any matter and through many channels. And it is so confident about the quality of its products that it offers a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction – but this happens very rarely. Vitayes offers its customers high-quality products, so it needs highly qualified employees. All its staff members are experts in their field. But equally essential is the right spirit: its people love what they do and they share a passion with customers – a significant contributor to the company’s success. Ultimately, the demand for anti-ageing cosmetics increases yearly and Vitayes will be part of this development. So far, the company is selling products in more than 40 countries all over the world and it would love to add more countries. Company founder, Hakan Yedier said, “It’s wonderful to be in contact with so many different people that share a common interest and enthusiasm.” He continued, “I think that it’s highly important to analyse and reflect the spirit of the time. That’s what we try to do every day. Thanks to the success of the first products, we are working hard to expand our portfolio so that we can offer our customers more products with immediate effects – not only skincare products, but also wellness products, food supplements, and many more.” Company: Vitayes Cosmetics, a brand of Petra GmbH Contact: Hakan Yedier Email: [email protected] Website: