German Business Awards 2021

40 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Ultimately, SK Industriemodell can offer this unique combination of speed, engineering support, service, and ability to process a variety of materials to its customers only because it performs all tasks inhouse – Engineering, tool manufacturing, and parts production as a well-coordinated team under one roof. This setup allows it to react quickly and flexibly to even the most challenging of demands from customers. Company: SK Industriemodell GmbH Email: [email protected] Website: Nov21389 Best Injection Moulding Specialists 2021 - North Rhine-Westphalia SK Industriemodell GmbHworks to develop high-quality plastic parts with its customers, based on the three pillars: know-how and innovation, consulting and service, and working efficiently and flexibly. A long-time partner of many organisations in various industries, SK Industriemodell is a constant innovator, producing plastic parts that are functionally critical and which fulfil the highest standards. It knows that customers’ development activities always have short timescales and have to be kept within strict budgets, so that is why it puts its energy into making the shortest delivery times possible and to living reliably up to its commitments. If necessary, it will work late into the night to get a project finished. Injection moulding prototype parts offer the advantage that various materials of construction can be tested and compared for their functionality in the individual component part. The company is not only able process all injection moulding plastic materials available on the market, but it can also test application specific or proprietary materials provided by its customers. Furthermore, it does research in cooperation with notable plastic materials producers in order to develop materials for special applications. Being an expert in their field, the customer normally focuses on the functionality of the part under development – SK Industriemodell supplements this often specialised know-how with its own expertise in the production of even the most complex prototypes and in the mould development for small and very small volume production. With its expertise, SK Industriemodell is able to save time and cost in the prototype production, thus improving the economics of future mass production. Its staff are constantly updating and broadening their know-how, making it a strong point – particularly when dealing with demanding projects. Their drive for innovation motivates them to continuously enlarge their knowledge base. Between customer projects, time is reserved for research and development – internally as well as in collaboration with highly reputable universities and plastic materials producers. SK Industriemodell manages to be so innovative because its people are so passionate about what they do. It attaches great importance to collaboration, functioning without friction and undue complicatedness, and with openness and honesty. An important factor in achieving this is little bureaucracy and a lot of trust in people. This paradigm applies to working among colleagues as much as collaborating with customers. It is proud to work with companies of all sizes, through short, direct communication lines.