German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 41 , Sep21819 Best Specialist ERP Software Consultancy 2021 Founded in 2013, syscoon GmbH is an owner-managed consulting and IT company specialising in the Odoo business software, with its focus being on creating real added value for client companies. An Odoo-Silver partner in Germany with a good base of satisfied customers, we take a closer look at syscoon in light of its awards success. With extensive expertise in tax and financial consulting, syscoon GmbH supports clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and the USA, in particular in the integration and migration of their accounting via Odoo software, currently one of the fastest growing business software products worldwide. For the German speaking countries, syscoon has created several possibilities to extend Odoo accounting and to connect it to DATEV and DATEV compliant accounting software. Mathias Neef, as a former owner and co- owner of various online companies, draws on practical experience with Odoo at syscoon, as well as over 12 years’ experience with the establishment, operation and growth of companies. By creating many useful additional apps, syscoon can now offer real added value, especially to SMEs and mid-sized companies. To that end, the company is close to completing a certification of the Odoo financial accounting software according to the German standards, which are also recognised internationally. Rapid digitalisation has been triggered by the pandemic, affecting syscoon in that all employees have been having to work from home, yet they also now make sure they meet in person regularly. This ongoing venture to the digital side has seen great benefits for syscoon as it has been able to greatly expand both its reach and as a business over the last year and a half. The trends show that syscoon’s services around the Odoo business software will continue to be in great demand over coming years. To enable each of its employees to find the best possible work-life balance for his or her circumstance, everyone is free to determine his or her own work rhythm. There is no obligation to work at certain times. However, availability must be ensured within core time. This gives employees the opportunity to work as digital nomads and to choose their own work location, as well as ensures good quality of work and good collaboration with customers. The company has also placed particular emphasis on ensuring that new employees feel comfortable working alone. In the case of any questions or problems, all employees can contact Mathias or fellow colleagues through the company meeting platform. Meanwhile, with regards to the company’s location in Germany, Matthias doesn’t feel it benefits, saying, “Over the last 30 years, the reputation and performance of the German economy on the world stage has gradually declined. In my opinion, this is mainly due to political failure. As an entrepreneur, I cannot hope to get any support from politics. “For this reason, we ensure in our company that we maintain high standards, improve processes and offer customers added value.” He continues, “Since, from our point of view, Germany as a location does not offer any added value for our business, we are already globally oriented as a small service company and already operate internationally in five countries.” When we asked Matthias what the future entails for syscoon, he said, “Due to the current situation, it is difficult to make any accurate forecasts for the future. But I am sure that our company will continue to grow in the future. “We are currently preparing to expand to Colombia and will establish a subsidiary there at the beginning of 2022. Overall, 2021 was a very busy and successful year, which I hope will continue in the years to come.” Company: syscoon GmbH Contact: Mathias Neef Email: [email protected] Website: