German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 39 , Nov21334 Best Real Estate Advisory Experts - Southwest Germany IMA Immobilien GmbH, a real estate agent operating out of the Black Forest, has proven itself time and time again to its peers, clients, and the wider Europeanmarket by being a front- runner in German real estate. Essentially, the region it operates in is one that necessitates specialist knowledge, and this company has built it up over decades of work in order to continually grow and adapt alongside the market’s demands, handling commercial and private real estate needs with ease. For over 50 years, IMA Immobilien GmbH has been making a name for itself as the company providing expert real estate to customers looking for new homes in the Black Forest. Fundamentally, it believes that the key to successful real estate ventures is to trust in the experts, and indeed, when it comes to the Black Forest, specialist knowledge is indeed incredibly helpful to matching the correct home to the correct client with empathy and sensitivity. The sale of a property is, after all, an incredibly personal experience. A lot of the time, the property itself has a lot of sentimental value or memories attached to it, and so IMA Immobilien takes its duties as the intermediate caretaker of the home incredibly seriously, helping shepherd the property from the hands of the previous owners to the new. Having been mediating houses, apartments, land, commercial properties, and more since its inception, this company has secured a reputation for considerate and expert operation. Additionally, with a thorough and exemplary working knowledge of its region, it has built up an outstanding portfolio of past and current work with which it can show its customers that they are right to put their faith in it; IMA Immobilien always works hard to show how in-depth its knowledge of the market is. To this end, it will always give the best advice to clients that will be tailored to fit their situation, timescale, and budget. Furthermore, IMA Immobilien is the oldest real estate agent in the Black Forest – and with a team that works together flawlessly keeping each of its operations running flawlessly – it has developed a network of satisfied customers and professional contacts that form its large support network. In tandem with all of this is the prestige it boasts due to being a German company. Emboldened by the excellence that comes from having a German label on all its work, it upholds its market’s pedigree for the finest quality products and services by providing down-to-earth services that are kept to an incredibly high standard across the board. Maintaining this grounded and client-first mentality from the beginning to the end of client interactions, IMA Immobilien provides honest and professional work that its customers have come to laud as brilliant across the board. Its unique place in the market has therefore been cultivated due to the excellent nature of its work and the people it has gathered around it. From its clients to its staff, it has been able to pull together all resources in order to pull through the pandemic with sophistication, helping those seeking to move during this time achieve it with minimal fuss and stress. Furthermore, being right next to the French and Swiss borders places Germany in ‘the triangle’, after all, making it a great strategically located place to relocate to with amazing access to the rest of Europe as IMA Immobilien consistently adapts and changes alongside the growing market of real estate on the continent. Company: IMA Immobilien GmbH Contact: Axel Fritsch Website: