German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 11 , by the incredible staff within its ranks. Each team member of Metallbude is a specialist in their area, whether this be in the design stage or the metalworking and production stage, meaning that within the company there is an incredible culture of teamwork and mutual support that empowers the entire process from top to bottom. Internally, therefore, it is a truly unique business. Having found its feet with the ambition and success of two brothers, their brother-in-law, and a good friend, the four minds behind the inauguration of Metallbude built it up from a deep-seated dedication to making self- employment work for them, as all of them were looking to get out of the field of fulfilment and into something more creatively satisfying. The brainstorming that resulted from the four meeting up at family gatherings would eventually result in the idea for Metallbude being born. The founders of this firm wanted to create a company that would thrive on giving its staff the creative breathing room they would need to come up with amazing products without being stifled by unnecessary amounts of jargon or inflated to-do-lists, and it all began with finding the perfect space for this. When the four secured the warehouse after months of searching for one that would do the job the best, the excitement truly began. The four began to set up the company within the space, turning it into their own and retrofitting it to be the perfect environment that would foster the best ideas for excellent bespoke furniture created from the highest quality base materials available; the contract was signed, euphoria spread, and the dream began in earnest. ‘Over coffee and wine’, the four drew up their first plans for the company’s foundations and having mutually agreed on the name that each of them felt fit them the best, discussing approaches in contemporary design and what methodologies they would like to see used. Dennis, the one who got the Metallbude project kicked off in earnest, created concepts for metal furniture. This is where the spark was