German Business Awards 2021

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 , born that would eventually catch and result in the burning ambition that is fuelling Metallbude to this day, working with metal suppliers and working with suppliers who dealt in wood or small items to add ‘more pep’ to the product line that the budding company was developing. Rudi, the online specialist, took care of the outreach. He worked quickly and effectively to bring the first products to the customers, ensuring that the market segment has efficient and easy ways to contact the four in order to find out more about what they offer and how. With the word about Metallbude’s work spreading quickly, Tobi had his hands full taking care of the finances and looking after the personal growth of each of the staff members that the company took on board, right from the very beginning. After all, Metallbude was started because the founding four didn’t have access to the creatively and professionally fulfilling working life that they desired, so when it comes to the treatment of their own staff, Tobi has been sure to curate the internal atmosphere to allow for this. He is also in charge of recruitment as a critical element of developing this culture. Finally, Christian – in his role as production manager – found his time occupied by organising the manufacture and problem solving of the organisation, with the products each continually improving as a result of his dedication to ensuring that each review was paid attention to and learned from. To this day, each of the four has carried on the role that kicked off Metallbude, but each of them has grown and adapted it in order to match the growth of the company and market segment. Crucially, Metallbude finds it incredibly important that this development is a consistent element of its work; after all, it is this that has ensured its continual progression towards its goals and milestones, never in danger of stagnation due to the unending well of enthusiasm that the founders and staff each hold for their work. Moreover, if this company was said to have a core driving mission statement, it would be forming a ‘team that builds Metallbude together’. With a prevailing attitude that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, it funnels significant effort into showing its constant gratitude towards its staff members and the passion and effort that each one of them has dedicated to learning their craft. Consequentially, is it happy to say that it has managed to successfully gather an amazing group of people around it who enjoy the carefully crafted internal atmosphere and the respect that the company has for their individual skillsets, working hard to create, develop, produce, and ship the products to its waiting client base. Music and food is also a big part of the working day at Metallbude, as is mutual encouragement and flexible working hours. This is just another way in which it looks after its team, making sure that each of them can balance home life and work life, with exemplary policies on maternal leave and a thoroughly impressive low turnover rate. Slightly overwhelmed by the quick growth and incredible development of the company, the founders are ‘grateful that [they] are allowed to live out [their] dream’, bringing so many like minded crafters and professionals with them into the future of bespoke furniture design and creation. Inviting its clients to get in contact and get creative today, Metallbude is excited to see what further furniture design challenges are brought to it as it moves towards the bright future that is surely on the cards for it and its staff. Able to put together an exclusive coffee table, sideboard, chest of drawers, or whatever else, the client has the run of the workshop with what materials and designs they wish to implement, with Metallbude encouraging them to get dreaming and planning for their dream household item. It also provides homeware perfect for the pampered pooches in its clients lives. With ready-to-go products like the Rova and Bex beds, the Mika and Mixi food bowl trays, and the Lio stand-alone food bowls, Metallbude provides pet owners with easy-to-clean and smart looking pet comfort options that will fit perfectly with the aesthetic they wish to curate. Meanwhile, for the human companions of those pets, Metallbude’s Rubi clothing rail, leather S-hooks, and elegant bespoke clothing hangars allow for the development of not just a client’s dream wardrobe, but an excellent way to store that wardrobe that provides a minimalist and incredibly effective addition to any room. Additionally, the Neva and Bovi shoe racks grant a similar aesthetic for shoe storage. This has thusly become incredibly popular amongst collectors of prestige and unique clothing items that, in and of themselves, become art pieces within the home or space. With all this and more – including towel racks, towel ladders, baby cradles, side tables, and wine racks – this company invites clients to allow Metallbude to help them curate the look and feel of the entire home, bringing it all together with impressive levels of synergy that will get any guest looking for any reason to come back and see it again. Of course, the incredibly creative, business- oriented abilities that Metallbude displays has not just endeared it to its market segment. Over time, it has gathered shareholders, peers, and partners around it that are further aiding its climb to the top by bolstering its reputation amongst fellow professional entities and creatives. One such partner is Wortmann Future Capital, a business partners and shareholder of Metallbude that has effectively been granting it significant financial strength, know-how, and industry insights, providing a backbone and support structure that Metallbude can rely on as it moves towards the future. Company: Metallbude SK GmbH Contact: Rudolf Klause Website: