German Business Awards 2021

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 , Best Contemporary Furniture Design Company 2021 A furniture design and creation company that has set itself apart by way of its incredibly empathic and team-focused way of working, Metallbude SKGmbHhas been propelled into the spotlight. Having begun a climb to the top that shows no signs of stopping, this company’s ambition is fostered by the care and diligence of its team, the satisfaction of its clients, and the creation of its place within the German bespoke furniture industry. Eachmember of staff is incredibly specialised, dedicated, and client-focused, working within an atmosphere of encouragement and support that allows for the development of some of the best homeware solutions on the market. Metallbude SK GmbH – a company combining craftsmanship, business, and longstanding relationships with peers, staff, and customers alike – has come together over a philosophy of passion and dedication. Fundamentally, each person who has been brought into Metallbude team pursues that same lifelong dream to make it one of the front-running companies in its industry, a milestone towards which it has already made significant headway with its stylish, modern, and aesthetically flexible furniture creations. Each of its bespoke furniture designs sets it apart from the rest of the collection and the market in the macro scale, with its name speaking to the material that so much of its current notoriety has been earned by working with – the material in question being metal. Essentially, Metallbude creates furniture with a clean, contemporary, industrial aesthetic that can be worked into all manner of properties and spaces. This has forged a distinctive personal style that it is pleased to say has earned it significant notoriety over the years, pushing it further towards being one of the core companies in the German interior design and furniture creation industry. Allowing the brief that a client brings to it to inspire it from the very first interaction, a client will always be impressed by the diligence and enthusiasm with which Metallbude approaches its work, Nov21340 plying its trade with an incredibly level of artistry and flair. In this manner, Metallbude is able to create furniture that will elevate the atmosphere of a client’s space. With a unique and whimsical ‘old factory’ feel to its workshop and end results, the team behind Metallbude are well known for rolling up their sleeves and working with the highest levels of empathy, understanding, and professional standards in order to develop something unlike anything else on the market. This, after all, is what has allowed it to cultivate the atmosphere of client-crafter collaboration that it fosters within the studio. By keeping this atmosphere a core part of its operation, it ensures that a client will always leave the workshop having aided in the development of a piece of furniture that truly reflects what they want, promising that the only true constant in its furniture is in the quality, which will always be well-crafted and painstakingly designed. Whether the product is for use in a home, office, eatery, or any manner of other things, Metallbude’s contribution will help pull the area together to achieve the aesthetic goals of the client. Moreover, this is made possible