Corp America March 2017

46 CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 , Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN, talks to us about the firmand the products it offers to customers worldwide. Geared Towards Growth Based in Pleasnton, California, OpenVPN is the developer and provider of multi-platform OpenVPN applications and end-to-end Software OpenVPN, Cloud OpenVPN, Software as a Service OpenVPN, and Open Source OpenVPN, addressing the market demands for Secure Access, Access Control, and Cyber Security. OpenVPN products are targeted for individuals and businesses of all sizes across the globe. OpenVPN is a private company that enables consumers and businesses to leverage mobility, access, security and privacy to simplify IT. Google, Samsung, Amazon, HP, IBM, Trane, Universities, Public Schools and over 100,000 businesses are protected on premise, in the cloud, and in the field with OpenVPN software. They join over 3.6 million consumers who rely on the OpenVPN powered Private Tunnel service for increased security, privacy and access over the internet. Following the successful inception of the OpenVPN Project in 2002, Francis Dinha and James Yonan co-founded OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. to secure a solid foundation for OpenVPN and further develop its commercial potential. Francis is CEO and founding partner of OpenVPN. His key responsibilities include product road mapping, strategic planning, market positioning, business development, and growth strategy. “I have been in this position since I founded and started the business during February of 2005. I aspired to build a very successful business that delivers security software that serves a need for users and businesses no matter where they live and access any content securely and freely. “I provide my staff with the roadmap and strategy; give them the autonomy and the necessary tools they need to succeed and deliver results. My main principles are: high integrity, organic growth, and adaptive.” During his years as CEO, Francis has faced many challenges, including having enough finances and the human capital in order to meet his business objectives. “Financing is the fuel and the human capital is the engine to move forward and accelerate business growth,” he explains. “It has impacted my thinking about how to build and grow a real business. You will face unexpected obstacles and might not be able to achieve and execute your plan. Never give up, overcome obstacles, and stay focused.” It is essential for a successful CEO to keep up-to-date with latest technologies, especially if they may force you to adapt and make changes to a company’s roadmap and plans. Francis always stays one step ahead and strives to ensure that the products he offers are innovative and bestsellers in the market. “You have to maintain a high revenue growth rate for your products that are fulfilling specific market needs. There is something wrong with your products or services if you’re experiencing a low revenue growth. “To stay ahead of the curve I regularly attend technology trade shows, attend relevant meet-ups and networking events, reading relevant blogs, and listen to my users and customers.” Francis plans to improve the firm’s revenue growth and deliver products and services that have a positive impact on the industry; however he is quick to point out that this cannot be achieved alone. “Building a successful business is about having committed staff that are inspired by your vision and the continuous growth & progress of the business.” K Company: OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. Name: Nineveh Madsen Email: [email protected] Address: 7901 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 540 Pleasanton, California 94588 USA Telephone: +1 928 502 2869 1702CA05