Corp America March 2017

MAGNIFICENCE IN CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTICULTURAL MARKETING Do you have a message or a product that you need to market to a hard-to-reach audience? The Aquiline Group is a full-service marketing and strategic communications rm that can craft your message and deliver it with a speci c language and audience in mind. Aquiline o ers a megaphone to business, government agencies and non-pro ts to reach their customers and clients, crafting solutions, educating their audiences and bringing their message to the forefront of their target market’s attention. The Aquiline Group is led by a team of experienced marketing and communications specialists dedicated to providing clients with the very best service possible. It is Aquiline’s results-driven service o erings, vast industry expertise and broad range of capabilities that di erentiate it from the competition and mark it out as the best option for your communications and multicultural marketing needs. THE GROUP AQUILINE The Aquiline Group 1801 Columbia Road, Suite 101 • Washington, DC 20009 Phone 202.483.1757 • Fax 202.462.3781 [email protected] •