Corp America March 2017

CORP AMERICA / MARCH 2017 45 , Patricia Baronowski is CEO and founder of Pristine Advisers. She talks to us about the firm and what makes it work so successfully. Squeaky Clean Pristine Advisers is an investor relations, public relations, media relations and marketing firm. It works with companies of all shapes and sizes worldwide. Patricia Baronowski is president and CEO of Pristine Advisers. Her duties include not only running the business but also handling client relations and building relationships with them in front of the investment community. “I have been in this field for the past 30 years,” begins Patricia. “Working my way up the corporate ladder — which worked out to my benefit as I learned the ins and outs of every aspect of the business from start to finish. “I started in my career in 1989, right after high school. I began as an administrative assistant for a small IR/PR firm, which eventually grew into a huge global company. I always admired the account executives and managers. The work never seemed boring, there was always something going on, a client crisis or issue, brainstorming sessions, client events, roadshows, etc. There was always a buzz in the air and it sparked my interest.” Patricia is a member of the NIRI (National Investor Relations Institute) as well as the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). Despite being a successful CEO, Patricia explains that it wasn’t always plain sailing as she has met with many challenges which she has had to overcome throughout her career. “Many challenges of course are universal, for example peer pressure, competitors, politics, etc. I climbed a very steep ladder for many years to get to where I am today and I most definitely paid my dues. I also go above and beyond in every aspect to ensure that we are doing everything and anything that we can to tend to our client’s needs. “That being said, I was sued when I started Pristine! They did everything from trying to sue us for unfair competition (which was dismissed) to copying everything we did, to trying to contact our clients behind our backs. It was comical - of course they did not win, but it was flattering that they felt threatened enough by us to try and shut us down with such ridiculousness. If nothing else, I do not back down from a challenge and only saw that as a means of trekking forward even harder. Six plus years later we are still going strong and growing. “I believe the biggest lesson I have learned over the years is to trust. I am a very trusting person and always try and see the positive in every situation and the good in everyone. Unfortunately in this world, not everyone shares this same trait. Early in our business endeavors I took on a client that did not pay me for six months. Despite constantly asking for payment, they had every reason why payment was on its way. After six months we were forced to cease working for them as our firm tried to seek restitution. Despite hiring a collection agency, etc. we just went round and round until we finally gave up. We had to chalk this up as a loss and a valuable lesson learned. I would suggest to everyone that do your homework on clients, ensure they have a good track record, and never ever let a bill go past 60 days.” Part of being the CEO of Pristine Advisers is keeping ahead of the curve, for example attending events, networking and researching to see what competitors may be doing, and Patricia is consistently on the path for answers to ensure she is on top of her game, not only for the firm, but for her clients as well. “If anything it is becoming easier to stay up-to-date since everything nowadays is available on our phones and/or iPads. Blogging, chat rooms, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. - we can communicate around the globe with such ease – so ensuring we are constantly keeping up with industry trends is fundamental to business. If we are asleep at the wheel we will be passed by and that is not something that I am ok with.” Regarding the future, Patricia has aspirations of growth for Pristine and sees only opportunities up ahead. “The economy has of course hit many firms and compliance is always a constant issue with many businesses and social media – so that is always a difficult position for us – educating the investment community and explaining how not only is it ok and legal for them, but why not being more aggressive in this day and age is fundamental to their business. “My firm has grown bigger and better in the last six years and I intend to continue on that track in the next five years in order to double our staff and client base and to add more services to businesses around the globe.” K Company: Pristine Advisers Name: Patricia Baronowski Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 8 Walnut Ave East, Farmingdale, New York, 11735, USA Telephone: +1 631 756 2486 1701CA56