Corp America January 2017

44 CORP AMERICA / JANUARY 2017 , Clear Intentions International (CII) is a global executive coaching firm that specializes in helping professionals, executive and global leaders maximize their potential and optimize patterns to success, both in life and at work. Our customized and unique approach begins with profiling the client/firmand exploring how it currently facilitates breakthroughs that enable the sustainable change needed tomeet and exceed their professional and personal goals. We build on those finding to create positive, client-specific long-lasting avenues to goal setting and achievement. Our objective is to leave our client with enlightenment and the tools to effectuate positive change. Clear Intentions International Powerful and Reliable Results Established in 1999, CII utilizes its own unique approach to help individuals and organizations manifest their maximum potential by providing focused one-on- one executive coaching and intensive, action-based group leadership trainings and change management and impactful keynotes. Providing services in English, German and Hebrew means that CII is able to meet the needs of clients on an international basis. The firm has also developed cutting-edge technology called Neuro Emotional Coaching®, which combines the more traditional aspect of executive coaching with the implications of the anatomy and scientific workings of the human brain and its implications regarding change and leadership. Studies have now unequivocally shown that our brain’s patterns and instinctive reactions automatically, and without conscious thought change one’s response to circumstance. Sometimes these changes actually block our paths to success. NEC® technique uses muscle testing to determine an individual’s true emotional response to circumstance; how one consciously and not-so- consciously reacts to a situation, person, goal or dream. If the individual’s response is negative, setting up roadblocks, CII then use a combination of tools and techniques to create a neutral or even positive response. This innovative approach opens up an individual’s ability to embrace change easily and to do more of what works and less of what does not. While the initial result is individual, the ultimate success occurs on the corporate level and the bottom line. Alongside this innovative technology, CII also implements executive coaching techniques to break through barriers to achieve measurable, unprecedented results in behaviour, vision and leadership. A speciality of CII is to works with expatriates and repatriates, to break down cultural barriers and to improve cross-cultural communications on all levels. Executive coaching is an advanced style of leadership development that promotes excellence, innovation, creativity, resilience and breakthrough performance at all staff levels. CII’s coaching methods include several proven integrated and synergistic techniques that support leadership development, from recruitment to retirement. Regardless of the issue, from turnaround for poor performers to fast-tracking high potential employees, our results- oriented coaching will give your organization a competitive edge in today’s ever- changing business world. What truly sets CII apart from other coaching firms is that whilst many companies talk about customized training and development, CII is dedicated to 1701CA32