Corp America January 2017

Having Faith in Success g JANUARY 2017 In this issue... Investing in Professional Recruitment Services - Manhattan Resources Page 43 Supporting Businesses Through Change - Mike Brosig, LLC Page 34 Green and Sustainability - PARC (USA) Corporation Page 33 Powerful and Reliable Results - Clear Intentions International Page 44 7 Cedars Resort: A Safe Bet Page 38 Aiming for Excellence in Litigation - Arrowood Peters Page 32 Brilliance in Benefits - Benefits in a Card Page 42 Making IT Big - Cygnus Professionals Page 18 Protection for Your Most Valuable Assets - Dan Auslander - V3 Insurance Partners LLC Page 20 Also inside this month... Adriana Quevedo, Director of Executive Recruitment at Intel Corporation, talks to Corp America about life in this demanding role, as well as what it’s like to work for one of the world’s technology giants. Page 40 Faith Community Hospital serves the community of Jacksboro, Texas, providing fast and reliable medical and healthcare solutions. Corp America magazine profiles this dynamic and dedicated healthcare provider and celebrates how the arrival of Healthcare CEO of the Year, Frank L. Beaman helped propel it to its current success. Page 8