Corp America January 2017

Clear Intentions International Powerful and Reliable Results K g Company: Clear Intentions International Address: 5850 Ellsworth Avenue, Suite 210, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 Phone: +1 412.242.3971 Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook: N actually delivering this. In order to fully understand the clients’ issues and truly customize our programs, the firm begin with a needs-assessment. Once training is complete, CII follows up to ensure that authentic and enduring change is taking place and provides follow-up reinforcement as needed. This dedicated leadership training and change management support can be complemented and reinforced in many ways, including individual or group coaching, and is designed to transform communication in every domain of an organization and to achieve increased productivity, employee loyalty and retention, and customer satisfaction. Our varied, broad-spectrum, individualize and customized professional services have been effectively provided to wide variety of clients from across the corporate landscape throughout the United States and Internationally. In addition to coaching hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, an impressive client list signifies CII’s status as a provider for employee development, including Bayer, Bombardier, Carnegie Mellon University, DDI, EQT, Heinz, Koppers, Lanxess, Reed Smith, The Washington Post, and the YWCA. Ultimately, CII provides solutions to challenges that arise from geographic, geopolitical and cultural diversity. Associates at CII have lived and worked internationally in various locations including Germany, Israel, Central America, and the US. As such the firm is able to design coaching and training with an understanding of cross-cultural communication, international business and policy making, transitions and today’s ever-changing media culture.