Corp America January 2017

7 Cedars Resort: A Safe Bet K g Company: 7 Cedars Resort Contact: Allie Plute, HR Director [email protected] Paula Allen, Tribal Customer Service and Employee Development Director [email protected] Address: 270756 HWY 101, Sequim, OR 98382 Telephone: 360-681-6706 Website: N example. By implementing these principals every day, I am confident that I am able to support my team and provide the service 7 Cedars needs.” In order to build upon its current success, 7 Cedars has a number of exciting expansion plans in progress which will help it to enhance its service offering and grow as a company. Allie outlines how the firm will work to ensure that it grows organically, ensuring that it continues to provide the very highest standard of entertainment to its clients at the same time as expanding. “Looking ahead, one of our current focuses is expanding our Resort operations and adding a hotel, in the next five years. Our executive staff and Board are currently looking at different models and feasibility studies to drive the progress of the hotel and we hope to see this come to fruition within the next five years. Most importantly, we continue to strive to be the employer of choice in our area and serve not only our customers, but our employees, our Tribal Citizens and our community.”