Corp America January 2017

38 CORP AMERICA / JANUARY 2017 , 7 Cedars Resort is an entertainment destination of the Jamestown S’KlallamTribe, out of Blyn Washington on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula inWashington State. We caught up with HR Director Allie Plute to learnmore about how she has helped drive the firm to success by ensuring it constantly has the human resources it needs to provide the quality entertainment facilities its clients expect. 7 Cedars Resort: A Safe Bet Originally established in 1995 as the fourth Native American Casino in Washington State, 7 Cedars has since expanded into a resort which comprises of a Casino, an award winning Golf Course and a C store which includes a market, deli and fuelling station. Allie outlines the establishment’s various attractions and how it aims to meet the needs and expectations of every visitor. “Here at 7 Cedars we are always looking to provide our guests with the experience they need, an escape to somewhere picturesque or an exciting adventure they seek. Our Longhouse Market & Deli is considered one of the premier convenience stores in the nation and has won numerous Chevron Customer First service awards. We also offer an excellent Golf Course, Cedars at Dungeness, is considered one of the driest golf courses in Western Washington and has won “Best Golf Course” in Western Washington five years in a row. Our Casino would be considered a smaller, boutique Casino which is comprised of two gaming floors, three restaurants, two bars, a wine bar and a night club.” Currently the Resort employs roughly 500 employees making it the second largest employer in our community. Combined with our Tribal Government operations, the firm employs over 700 employees and are considered to be one of the leading economic engines of the local community. As such Allie, who has over 12 years’ experience in the HR industry, has a huge responsibility in her role as HR Director. She discusses how she came to achieve this coveted role and the techniques she employs to lead her department to success. “Personally, I have served as the HR Director of the Resort for nearly seven years overseeing all Human Resource functions. In May of 2016, my role expanded to oversee all Tribal HR Government HR functions. My role with the Tribe is to lead Human Resources practices and objectives and provide a high performing, employee oriented culture. We truly believe our employees are our greatest assets. We invest heavily in our employee development; Paula Allen our Director of Customer Service and Employee Development does a fantastic job of aligning our talent with our customer service philosophies. She has brought best in class programs in terms of leadership and customer service. Our Leadership and Guest Service programs continue to gain notoriety in Indian Country and Paula is now working with other Tribes and Organizations to help develop others in these efforts. “As the Director, I coordinate the implementation and direction of services, programs and policies. My main objective as an HR professional working for a Native American Tribe is to understand the critical issues facing Indian Nations and their operations. This is accomplished by recognizing Tribal authority as a sovereignty nation and the right of tribal self-governance through our own tribal codes, laws, ordinances and constitutions. “In addition, some of my key responsibilities include making sure we are offering best in class services to our employees in terms of benefits and compensation administration, organizational and employee development, employee relations, strategic growth and planning. At Jamestown and 7 Cedars Resort, we believe this is accomplished by linking business strategies to human capital through people and operational development. “Currently I oversee a staff of six HR professionals. When it comes to management, we all have different views of what success looks like. To me the success of my team is cultivated through engagement and passion. Open communication is key and I lead with the understanding that I am fortunate to have the employees I have working for me. I am continually thinking about ways to retain and keep the talent I have. I also think it is important to recognize what drives your team and be flexible in your management style to acknowledge individuality in our workforce. “Fundamentally, some of the key principals I believe are essential to effective leadership include goal setting through collaboration, follow-through and most of all, leading through 1701CA25 “Here at 7 Cedars we are always looking to provide our guests with the experience they need, an escape to somewhere picturesque or an exciting adventure they seek.”