Corp America January 2017

Making IT Big K g Company: Cygnus Professionals Contact: Prasenjit Bhadra Address: 100 Franklin square Dr., Suite #204, Somerset, NJ 08873 Email: [email protected] Telephone: (917) 435 -0700 Website: N new functions, features and capabilities to our products and solutions and thereby, ensure a sustainable value propositions. Our leadership is quite aligned with my vision on driving our strategic growth initiatives. At the current stage of our maturity I would like to embark on establishing team oriented leadership to stay focused on innovation by connecting the emerging technology to the business trades and, help my organization to pre-empt competitors’ attempts to use technology to disrupt or dislodge our competitive advantages.” Ultimately, as a next generation leader, Prasenjit has a strong focus towards people and knowledge management initiatives to develop a strong organisational culture and foster innovation with the collaborative team environment. Thus his thought leadership and concentration on technical, organisational and business segments helped his team to create significant mind share with its clients and contribute towards developing a strong brand equity. In his concluding comments he outlines the various attributes which have helped him to achieve his current success. “Being an IT architect at heart and a research scholar in business management, I have always emphasised on linking technology and research to deliver a tangible business values. Being part of R&D initiatives and innovation programs of both large and this mid-sized organizations, I am able to identify the most prominent technology and product innovation trends which would fit the skills, capabilities and size like ours. This understanding helps us utilising our budget and resource bandwidths effectively to nurture and grow our technology centre of excellences and product offerings. In last three years the commitments, passion, technology and innovation brought by the CTO program office have helped organizations to establish unique differentiators and, grow its footprints in strategic IT partnership and co-innovation initiatives.”