Corp America January 2017

18 CORP AMERICA / JANUARY 2017 , Cygnus Professionals is a global IT solution provider delivering progressive software development, domain consulting, product engineering and co-innovation services. Prasenjit Bhadra, CTO of the Year, provides us with a fascinating overview of the firm and the services it provides. Making IT Big Cygnus are a Minority owned small medium scale business which has grown at a 51.8% CAGR annually and is committed to driving disruptive innovations and transformations of its clients through its core expertise in industry standards and unique solution offerings. Prasenjit outlines the firm’s focus and how it works to continually build upon its success and achieve even more. “Here at Cygnus our core expertise lies in aligning emerging technologies to drive Business IT transformation. We are offering partnership collaboration with our global clients in developing, modernizing strategic solutions, supporting innovation, extending bespoke solutions, and industry specific frameworks to sustain competitive advantages. “The firm is ranked among top 100 Big Data & Advance analytics Companies by CIO Review and, Top 50 fastest growing Asian American companies by USPAACC. Despite this success we are determined not to rest on our laurels, and as such we constantly strive to extend our presence across industries and geographies with our domain excellence, which is complementing our technology competencies and thought leaderships. We envision in aligning technologies optimally with critical business imperatives and ensure significant business outcomes and ROI proof points. Built on a state of the art, training and R&D in emerging technology space, Cygnus is able to develop a fresh outlook in collaborative human capital, of- the-shelf platforms / accelerators focusing on customer centricity, agility, continuous innovation and, business process and cost optimization.” Prasenjit himself is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology evangelist in M2M/ IoT, Business IT transformation and Enterprise Architecture who took on the role of CTO at Cygnus in 2014. He is leading start-up initiatives in unique cloud enabled platforms (SaaS) for intelligent enterprise systems levering IOT and human-machine collaborations. With his current initiatives with Cygnus Pro, Prasenjit is leading the stabilization, turnaround and growth to scale of all Technology Offerings Involved in product development strategies, innovation and Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services. Currently he is driving the next generation solutions and platform offerings integrating SOA, Advance Analytics & Big Data, Enterprise Mobility and M2M space. The products and platforms built under his leadership are converging the power of cognitive WSN, Edge Analytics and High Performance Computing (HPC) foundations to enable intelligent process automation space. The bespoke solutions and platforms are positioned smart grid, real-time plant management & quality control, connected health, remote patient monitoring and, integrating wearable technologies with operational intelligence. In addition, Prasenjit has led disruptive innovations and strategies to implement Mobility/ Wireless, M2M, HPC, Analytics and Big Data, Industrial Automation solutions and product offerings. He has managed the advance technology consulting practice of Wipro. He led the adoption and modernization strategies of emerging technologies and, SOA best practices. He managed the practice for technology R&D and legacy modernization, frameworks for EA blueprints, emerging technology fitment strategies in EA Vision. He also led industry specific assets / frameworks and matrices development for clients. He discusses the challenges he has faced throughout his time in this role and the techniques he employs to help overcome them. “As a CTO of a growing organization, we need to formulate a broader vision on technology and innovation trends which fits well with the long term strategies of our customers. Because of incumbency and better reach, their products and services offered by our some of our competitors deliberately block the open and progressive transformations. As a result, we often face significant challenges to break through the status quo bias and develop a fresh outlook on emerging technologies and solutions that could ideally deliver a sustainable competitive advantage for the customers. Such issues often take long time for us to penetrate a new account and develop a successful relationship while base of technology and innovation are moving at a much faster pace. Therefore, it needs lots of patience, bandwidth and agile strategies from our end to develop the mind share and create success stories through our value-added partnership. “Fundamentally, the key source of my motivation comes from the flexibility, ownership and trust offered to me as a senior executive of the firm. My vison to dive the technology and service excellence of my form has focused on aligning our innovation and offerings to extend a diverse set of alternatives to our clients. We do not want to be restricted within a rigid boundary of product and solution portfolios. We need to deliver incremental values to our clients by incorporating 1701CA11 “Here at Cygnus our core expertise lies in aligning emerging technologies to drive Business IT transformation.”