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2 | Canadian Made Awards 2022 About Our Canadian Made Awards 2022 New World Report is proudly hosting the Canadian Made Awards 2022 for its first year. We are looking to celebrate the hard work, determination, and merit of Canada’s own manufacturers. Here at New World Report, we want to target the businesses that have paved the way to grow the industry after the adverse effects of the pandemic. New World Report’s annual awards were launched to highlight the amazing work done by those firms and individuals whose ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care, and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses has seen them forge ahead of their competitors and raise the bar for performance and results in their industry. With the manufacturing activity in Canada expanding early this year at the fastest pace in three months we see the industry improving as the easing of domestic restrictions pick-up in production. It is the start of a new wave of manufacturing excellence; So Canada, why not celebrate in the Canadian Made Awards 2022. Sif Brookes, Senior Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining frommaking any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Canadian Made Awards 2022 | 3 Contents 4. Advanced Control Systems Corporation: Best Machining & Welding Services Provider - Ontario 6. CBMG Powersports: Leading Global Providers of Powersports Traction Products 2022 8. Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant: Best Taxation & Tailored Accounting Firm - British Columbia 9. Eclipse Air Charter: Best International Aircraft Charter Company 2022 10. ORCHARD Wellness and Treatment Center: Best Luxury Medi Spa 2022 - Southwestern Ontario

Canadian Made Awards 2022 | 4 The powersports parts company making waves in Canada, Advanced Control Systems Corporation began in 1978 as a small hobby machine shop producing snowmobile runners for its personal racing team. However, once word of the excellence with which they were able to create these snow-traversing vehicles began to get around, proven by the consistently outstanding racing results of its team, it began to get friends and competitors alike asking it whether it would make something for them. And, eventually, this is exactly what it did, allowing it to begin its growth as a highly trusted and reputable engineer of some of the best runners on the Canadian market. ith a reputation that grew like spreading wildfire through word-of-mouth, Advanced Control Systems Corporation has maintained an unimpeachable reputation for its exemplary service of the snow-sport community. Nominally, it has been privy to a rising spike in demand that began when it transitioned from a hobby shop serving its own team to a business serving the wider area, its runners becoming a regular production item that has become a staple for local sportsters. Additionally, new product lines are also always being added so that it can serve an even wider pool of clients with its snowmobile wear parts and selection of maintenance tools. Indeed, the result of this method of growth has been the development of a brand built on the good will of its customers, with a strict code of operation and a friendly local zeal, no matter how big it continues to get. Its sustainable business model allows it to manufacture quality products at competitive prices, growing on a national level through Canadian Powersports distribution channels, as well as through its long-standing product development and manufacturing partnership with Yamaha Canada. Each of these elements is securing its position as a trusted and dependable manufacturer, one that delivers premium results and private-label packaging of ACS products, all as an offering to a growing base of OEMmanufacturers and Powersports distributors. Critically, the continued growth saw a need for greater production capacity as a result, to which it responded by hiring additional employees and securing a larger plant with all relevant support equipment, including CNC machines with far greater capacity for manufacturing at a large volume. The increased overhead – as well as the seasonal products that it can now offer to its client base – have essentially secured ACS on a trajectory towards relentless further development. Ostensibly, with a wider variety of products, variety of materials, and depth of services by the season that it can offer an ever-expanding clientele, it is developing new relationships daily, even with those outside of the Powersport industry as its excellence has put it in the sights of companies in all manner of other industries. Such fields that it has contributed to span everything from electrical transmission to swing stage equipment, conveyor and packaging equipment, mining equipment, and alternative energy equipment. Critically, the long standing partnerships it has created in these industries have allowed it to add MIG and TIG welding to its long roster of proficiencies, along with light assembly, its excellence in which has earned it the award it is celebrating today. ACS also boasts significant other awards and accreditations in these aforementioned disciplines, each of which speak to the competence and diligence that runs through each of its services for industrial professionals and for private individuals. Advanced Control Systems has been awarded CWB certification with CSA standard fusion welding accreditations – nominally, the W47.1 fusion of steel and the W47.2 fusion of aluminium – both in division three, and all welding is done in accordance with CSA standards up to STD W59.1; the latest edition. Thus, in recent years, it has been able to get involved in significant levels of R&D with several clients through participation in several federal innovation schemes. These include Science and Economic Development Canada programmes with the governing body ISED, and have allowed it to be recognised as a Tier 2 specialist by Hydro One and Toronto Hydro. As such, it has received status as an essential workplace, something that prevented it from being closed during Covid-19 and allowing it to keep its doors open and its staff in a job. ACS also continues to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing manufacturing landscape. Indeed, the pressures from low-cost and offshore manufacturing may be constant, but its consistent quality has allowed ACS to hold its own, ensuring that it maintains the highest levels of good will within its market segment. Its flexibility in production, excellence of product, and accountability in customer service all form the foundations upon which its future is being built, carrying the torch for other people-focused and ethics-oriented businesses like itself. Viewing it as a point of pride that it can say its products are made in Canada, it hopes to both bolster and maintain the prestige of this label in international markets as well as within the nation proper, including this stamp on all its packages to show this off to the customers who purchase from it. Ontario made, people-focused, and forward-thinking, ACS promises that its commitment to its clients is something that they can expect to see continuing long into its future as it keeps growing and expanding, excited to see what the future holds both for it and the wider industry. Contact : Ulisses De Olivers Company: Advanced Control Systems Corporation Email: [email protected] Phone number: (905) 642-0536 Website: Sep22589 Best Machining & Welding Services Provider - Ontario W

Canadian Made Awards 2022 | 5 Best Machining & Welding Services Provider - Ontario

Canadian Made Awards 2022 | 6 Having been in business since 2010, CBMG Powersports has dedicated itself to its clients in a holistic and reliable manner. In essence, its mission is the provision of optimum powersports services and the finest products on the market, offering reliable machined parts, world-class accessories, and unique aesthetic upgrades achieved by cutting edge technology. Nominally, the apparel components and accessories it sells allows clients to engage in powersports safely and comfortably, as well as in style. ith its emphatic, professional, and technically gifted experts always finding new ways to help CBMG Powersport customers with their powersports needs, its staff are talented, tenacious, and happy to help. Fundamentally, they are always finding new ways to go above and beyond customer expectations when achieving its endeavour. From branded Clutch Pullers and carbide runners made from high quality steel to helixes, ice scratchers, and tunnel protectors, its Canadian made and Canadian owned brands are providing its market segment with the best of the best, boasting dependable products handled with impeccable customer service as standard. Indeed, the quality of the products is what has set CBMG apart from its peers; regarding its ice scratchers, for example, it promises customers will not have the usual problem of them breaking easily. They are instead made to work in reverse, applying force into the ground as the vehicle moves and touting exemplary levels of durability and performance from the very first usage to years down the line; they are also easy to install, bringing convenience and efficiency to the user and to great effect. It also stocks a large range of gamma products and accessories that support the powersport lifestyle, bringing style and panache to snowmobile. Critically, its key manufacturers such as ACS and VTO Automotive – as well as its ability to fulfil international delivery orders – has given it a well-substantiated reputation for excellence in all facets, working with suppliers that display a true dedication to innovation. As a specialist in powersports traction and high performance, it has been created by powersports professionals for powersports advocates, both in a professional setting and completely for leisure or recreation. Improving handling and minimizing darting, ostensibly, CBMG Powersports has the right carbide for every application, serving clients that demand the best of the best. It takes pride in being able to serve this highly quality oriented market, forever striving to continue to impress its customers by going above and beyond the expected standards, as well as by treating each customer with the utmost respect. Additionally, part of this is the warranty that CBMG offers each of its clientele. It is easy to see how CBMG Powersports has become such a trusted voice for powersports enthusiasts worldwide and not just across its home nation, able to get new parts and accessories to its clients quickly, efficiently, and in a manner that guarantees peace of mind for the recipient of its products. Able to select make, model, and year for the part that the client wants, its timesaving and intuitive website cuts the time sink of having to scour endless web pages for what a client needs down to basically nothing, enabling them to get what they need without the stress of having to hunt it down. Crucially, its commitment to its clients is also shown in the 24/7 support that it grants them. No matter the question, comment, or query – and with no challenge being too big or too small when it comes to powersports advice – its incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic team are always happy to help, on hand to talk clients through each of its products and their features. This, of course, means Sep22590 Leading Global Providers of Powersports Traction Products 2022 & Innovation Product of the Year 2022 W

Canadian Made Awards 2022 | 7 Leading Global Providers of Powersports Traction Products 2022 being able to recommend what would be best based on what a client’s current challenge with their machine is, and with an 100%moneyback guarantee within 30 days if the client is not happy with the product for whatever reason, its team promise to always go the extra mile to secure client satisfaction. This is what has made it such a darling of its industry, enabling it to stand out amongst its peers and to retain the good will of its market segment even throughout the tumult of the pandemic, where many of the world’s sportsters were stuck inside due to lockdowns and the inability to travel. Indeed, it maintains this repute through the cultivation of trust that it has funnelled so much effort into since day one, shown in everything from its free shipping when a client spends over $150 to its secure payment, maintain the highest levels of online payment security throughout the transaction. Thusly, its snowmobile vehicular parts and the way in which it approaches the delivery of its services have made it more than just another average retailer, but a partner and lifelong friend to its client’s sporting careers in which they can put their utmost faith. Promising the lowest prices Canada-wide in the parts that it offers, the standing rate for each of its products is reflective of how good-quality each item is, having been rigorously tested and 100% certified by several external bodies such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Thus, its already proven expertise will only continue to expand in the future, enabling it to take its industry and its market into the future. Company: CBMG Powersports Contact: Anna Carvalho Website:

8 | Canadian Made Awards 2022 Sep22147 Best Taxation & Tailored Accounting Firm - British Columbia A local accounting firm in Penticton, British Columbia, Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant is nestled in the heart of this picturesque region. Nominally, as a full-service firm, its professionals are committed to the service of ‘true small businesses’ such as mom and pop shops and local non-profit organizations; ostensibly, its reputation has been built up from helping the cornerstones of its community remains open and thriving in a changing world. ong-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant is a full service, full commitment, and fully supportive accounting firm. As a partner and friend to its region’s smallest businesses, it strives for service that is approachable, accountable, and affordable – or triple A – cultivating trust by way of its bookkeeping, basic personal taxes, corporate audits, business consultancy, and taxation advice services. Fundamentally, each of these solutions has made it a modern and front-running voice in accountancy, one that holds all the in-depth and watertight processes of a large accountancy firm and all the charm and empathy of a small, familial business. Since opening its doors in 2020, it has grown its team thanks to this attractive modus operandi that has become its status quo. With its 3 full time positions and 2 part time positions, it has used its expansion to increase its social activism in its local region, contributing to food drives, young artist competitions, back-pack programs, Christmas toy drives and PJ drives. Moreover, this social corporate responsibility has earned it a multitude of new clients who appreciate the help of a firm that is demonstrably good for their local region, becoming a linchpin simply by conducting itself with the highest standards of excellence and empathy. Made by Canadians for Canadians, this accountancy firm is a business whose identity is intrinsically tied to the concept of ‘pay it forward’. It provides top-quality service for its clients, meaning they, in turn, can provide top quality service, bettering the community by increasing the accounting literacy levels amongst its businesses; this has resulted in cultivating healthy client relationships and allowing Long-Haggerty to drive positive change. Indeed, it retains this by only hiring the most sensitive and people-focused staff. Each of them are assessed on how well they will fit within the team, and then trained on Long-Haggerty’s specific services from there. Critically, with 95% of people underestimating the complexity of accounting law, it is proud to say that its professionals are demystifying this sometimes-intimidating field for its clients, ensuring that its clients will always walk away with a comprehensive understanding of what solutions it implemented, how, and why. With so many clients going on to leave it glowing reviews or to refer it by word of mouth as a result, it is looking forward to its imminent expansion into north and south Okanagan, as well as becoming a not-for-profit organization with the establishment of the Long-Haggerty Regional Community Foundation. Company: Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant Contact: Jane Long-Haggerty Website: L

Canadian Made Awards 2022 | 9 Knowing they are in safe hands and with no long-term commitment due to the company’s pay-as-you-go service, the world is the client’s oyster, and they have the ability to fly anywhere, anytime. All while enjoying optimal luxury and comfort. However, there have been some challenges recently presented to the company in the form of rising fuel costs – but it has been able to remain a highly sought-after method of transportation for clients both new and old. In the second quarter of 2022, private aviation buyer’s guide, Private Jet Card Comparisons asked its subscribers to share their private flight plans, and they said that they still intend to fly privately for 39.7 hours over the following 12 months. This is in line with the trailing year’s average of 41.4 hours. As a result, the average hourly charter cost has increased by 44% since Q4 of 2020, now averaging at $8,050 per hour. Indeed, Eclipse Air Charter’s clients haven’t been put off at all, because they know they are guaranteed a consistently outstanding service from the company. Plus, there are so many advantages to chartering a private jet, from the convenience of setting your own departure time to arriving at an airport closer to your destination, to travelling with your pets in the cabin. In addition, Eclipse Air Charter offers a completely transparent service to its clients with no hidden costs or long-term commitments. Finally, as an ARGUS registered broker, Eclipse Air Charter has consistently demonstrated its adherence to the Air Charter Association’s rigorous standards, keeping up-to-date with its guidance on ethical and legal business practice, regulatory compliance, fiscal integrity, resource management, and systemic charter operation. With this accreditation behind it, and the outstanding commitment to client satisfaction to maintain such lofty standards, the company is excited to see how it will continue to fly high in the future. Company: Eclipse Air Charter Website: As an on-demand private aircraft charter company, Eclipse Air Charter serves a worldwide clientele, and its excellence has allowed it to become renowned as the Best International Charter Company 2022 in this issue of New World Report magazine. With offices in New York, London, and home base of Toronto, and after six years of continually impressing its market segment, the company’s commitment to its clients has only gotten stronger. It is proud to serve an international market with the ‘Canadian Made’ stamp on everything it does. clipse Air Charter has expanded exponentially out of its home office in Toronto since its inception in 2016, and it offers clients a truly superior, bespoke, and personal experience, whether they are travelling for leisure or for business. Its offering features the latest, most innovative technology and the world’s safest, most reliable aircraft, along with the most passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced team. Best International Aircraft Charter Company 2022 E

10 | Canadian Made Awards 2022 Sep22130 What does wellness mean to you? For the team at ORCHARD Wellness and Treatment Center, it means creating a place which is soothing in every respect. A place to put aside the concerns of the day. In New World Report’s Canadian Made Awards 2022, this spa and its incredible team were recognised for the work they do. We take a closer look to uncover some of the secrets of their success. Best Luxury Medi Spa 2022 - Southwestern Ontario estled in the charming environs of a Victorian house, ORCHARD stands apart for its incredible range of wellness treatments. For those who need a place to be, where they can stop, sit back and relax, there is nowhere finer. Over the years, the team have managed to combine the elegant character of a faraway age with the needs of people today. Located in the village of Shakespeare, just minutes away from Stratford and Kitchener, the team at ORCHARD have risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s most impressive providers of wellness treatments. With a host of options and opportunities on the table, the team are proud to say that they can meet the needs of any patient that comes to them for support. Privacy is one of the key features of a visit to ORCHARD. Patients can be sure that they’ll find plenty of space for themselves. From arrival at the Center, you can be sure you’ll be met with a warm smile, a heavenly aroma and an environment where you can truly relax. This is not a one-stop-shop for wellness, but for many it’s the first step on an important journey to a peaceful mind and healthy body. Just some of the services available from the team include MediSpa Treatments, Medi-Spa Facial Treatments, Cosmetic Injections, Vitamin Boost Injections, Holistic Treatments, Counselling Services, Hand Care and Foot Care. These options are merely the baseline of the services offered by the team, with clients invited to explore the various options available to ensure that their needs are met in their entirety. Comprehensive support is crucial to the team. All of the staff at ORCHARD are fully trained to the highest standards, guaranteeing incredible care in every respect. Training is incredibly important to the success of ORCHARD, with customers able to always experience the latest and greatest in treatment options. ORCHARD is always exploring the latest trends and technologies to ensure that their offering stands apart. Wellbeing has more andmore important over the years, and no one knows this better than the ORCHARD team. They are always making efforts to go above and beyond, pushing the boundaries of how the industry operates. It goes without saying that the teamhave achieved the truly remarkable over the years, offering a space and a place for those who need it most. For the best in care, there’s nowhere better to turn! Company: ORCHARD Wellness and Treatment Center Name: Sherry Schneider Email: [email protected] N Subcribe here: