Canadian Made Awards 2022

8 | Canadian Made Awards 2022 Sep22147 Best Taxation & Tailored Accounting Firm - British Columbia A local accounting firm in Penticton, British Columbia, Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant is nestled in the heart of this picturesque region. Nominally, as a full-service firm, its professionals are committed to the service of ‘true small businesses’ such as mom and pop shops and local non-profit organizations; ostensibly, its reputation has been built up from helping the cornerstones of its community remains open and thriving in a changing world. ong-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant is a full service, full commitment, and fully supportive accounting firm. As a partner and friend to its region’s smallest businesses, it strives for service that is approachable, accountable, and affordable – or triple A – cultivating trust by way of its bookkeeping, basic personal taxes, corporate audits, business consultancy, and taxation advice services. Fundamentally, each of these solutions has made it a modern and front-running voice in accountancy, one that holds all the in-depth and watertight processes of a large accountancy firm and all the charm and empathy of a small, familial business. Since opening its doors in 2020, it has grown its team thanks to this attractive modus operandi that has become its status quo. With its 3 full time positions and 2 part time positions, it has used its expansion to increase its social activism in its local region, contributing to food drives, young artist competitions, back-pack programs, Christmas toy drives and PJ drives. Moreover, this social corporate responsibility has earned it a multitude of new clients who appreciate the help of a firm that is demonstrably good for their local region, becoming a linchpin simply by conducting itself with the highest standards of excellence and empathy. Made by Canadians for Canadians, this accountancy firm is a business whose identity is intrinsically tied to the concept of ‘pay it forward’. It provides top-quality service for its clients, meaning they, in turn, can provide top quality service, bettering the community by increasing the accounting literacy levels amongst its businesses; this has resulted in cultivating healthy client relationships and allowing Long-Haggerty to drive positive change. Indeed, it retains this by only hiring the most sensitive and people-focused staff. Each of them are assessed on how well they will fit within the team, and then trained on Long-Haggerty’s specific services from there. Critically, with 95% of people underestimating the complexity of accounting law, it is proud to say that its professionals are demystifying this sometimes-intimidating field for its clients, ensuring that its clients will always walk away with a comprehensive understanding of what solutions it implemented, how, and why. With so many clients going on to leave it glowing reviews or to refer it by word of mouth as a result, it is looking forward to its imminent expansion into north and south Okanagan, as well as becoming a not-for-profit organization with the establishment of the Long-Haggerty Regional Community Foundation. Company: Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant Contact: Jane Long-Haggerty Website: L