Canadian Made Awards 2022

Canadian Made Awards 2022 | 4 The powersports parts company making waves in Canada, Advanced Control Systems Corporation began in 1978 as a small hobby machine shop producing snowmobile runners for its personal racing team. However, once word of the excellence with which they were able to create these snow-traversing vehicles began to get around, proven by the consistently outstanding racing results of its team, it began to get friends and competitors alike asking it whether it would make something for them. And, eventually, this is exactly what it did, allowing it to begin its growth as a highly trusted and reputable engineer of some of the best runners on the Canadian market. ith a reputation that grew like spreading wildfire through word-of-mouth, Advanced Control Systems Corporation has maintained an unimpeachable reputation for its exemplary service of the snow-sport community. Nominally, it has been privy to a rising spike in demand that began when it transitioned from a hobby shop serving its own team to a business serving the wider area, its runners becoming a regular production item that has become a staple for local sportsters. Additionally, new product lines are also always being added so that it can serve an even wider pool of clients with its snowmobile wear parts and selection of maintenance tools. Indeed, the result of this method of growth has been the development of a brand built on the good will of its customers, with a strict code of operation and a friendly local zeal, no matter how big it continues to get. Its sustainable business model allows it to manufacture quality products at competitive prices, growing on a national level through Canadian Powersports distribution channels, as well as through its long-standing product development and manufacturing partnership with Yamaha Canada. Each of these elements is securing its position as a trusted and dependable manufacturer, one that delivers premium results and private-label packaging of ACS products, all as an offering to a growing base of OEMmanufacturers and Powersports distributors. Critically, the continued growth saw a need for greater production capacity as a result, to which it responded by hiring additional employees and securing a larger plant with all relevant support equipment, including CNC machines with far greater capacity for manufacturing at a large volume. The increased overhead – as well as the seasonal products that it can now offer to its client base – have essentially secured ACS on a trajectory towards relentless further development. Ostensibly, with a wider variety of products, variety of materials, and depth of services by the season that it can offer an ever-expanding clientele, it is developing new relationships daily, even with those outside of the Powersport industry as its excellence has put it in the sights of companies in all manner of other industries. Such fields that it has contributed to span everything from electrical transmission to swing stage equipment, conveyor and packaging equipment, mining equipment, and alternative energy equipment. Critically, the long standing partnerships it has created in these industries have allowed it to add MIG and TIG welding to its long roster of proficiencies, along with light assembly, its excellence in which has earned it the award it is celebrating today. ACS also boasts significant other awards and accreditations in these aforementioned disciplines, each of which speak to the competence and diligence that runs through each of its services for industrial professionals and for private individuals. Advanced Control Systems has been awarded CWB certification with CSA standard fusion welding accreditations – nominally, the W47.1 fusion of steel and the W47.2 fusion of aluminium – both in division three, and all welding is done in accordance with CSA standards up to STD W59.1; the latest edition. Thus, in recent years, it has been able to get involved in significant levels of R&D with several clients through participation in several federal innovation schemes. These include Science and Economic Development Canada programmes with the governing body ISED, and have allowed it to be recognised as a Tier 2 specialist by Hydro One and Toronto Hydro. As such, it has received status as an essential workplace, something that prevented it from being closed during Covid-19 and allowing it to keep its doors open and its staff in a job. ACS also continues to evolve and adapt to an ever-changing manufacturing landscape. Indeed, the pressures from low-cost and offshore manufacturing may be constant, but its consistent quality has allowed ACS to hold its own, ensuring that it maintains the highest levels of good will within its market segment. Its flexibility in production, excellence of product, and accountability in customer service all form the foundations upon which its future is being built, carrying the torch for other people-focused and ethics-oriented businesses like itself. Viewing it as a point of pride that it can say its products are made in Canada, it hopes to both bolster and maintain the prestige of this label in international markets as well as within the nation proper, including this stamp on all its packages to show this off to the customers who purchase from it. Ontario made, people-focused, and forward-thinking, ACS promises that its commitment to its clients is something that they can expect to see continuing long into its future as it keeps growing and expanding, excited to see what the future holds both for it and the wider industry. Contact : Ulisses De Olivers Company: Advanced Control Systems Corporation Email: [email protected] Phone number: (905) 642-0536 Website: Sep22589 Best Machining & Welding Services Provider - Ontario W