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6 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Business Elite Awards , SottoPelle ® Therapy Best Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialists 2019 emotional and cognitive issues affecting learning and memory. Working to address these issues, SottoPelle ® has seen the bene- fits of those with Parkinson’s and TBI gain more energy and vitali- ty, better stamina and motivation, improved cognitive function, and increased mobility and flexibility. While not a cure for these devas- tating conditions, the treatment may certainly help to improve the quality of life for patients through symptom management. Ultimately, the work of Sot- toPelle ® Therapy is not just bal- ancing hormones and improving quality of life for one individual. While patients themselves do experience a more enjoyable lifestyle, it is also the families and friends that benefit. Dr Gino Tutera and his team at the practice have cultivated a repu- tation for delivering outstanding patient care with an exceptional treatment method that truly showcases the best of science and innovation. Company: SottoPelle ® Therapy Contact: CarolAnn Tutera Web: Hormones at work within human bodies complete a remarka- ble amount of tasks to help keep everything in check. When hormones become imbal- anced, it can seriously impact many areas of daily life, even ar- eas that may not immediately be linked to hormones. Symptoms can include unexplained weight gain or loss, excessive sweating, difficulty sleeping, changes in blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety, depression, reduced sex drive, blurred vision, to name but a few. Balancing hormones is incredibly important to leading a healthy life and an enjoyable lifestyle, and one American practice has been delivering a game-changing solution for many years: Tutera Medical which uses SottoPelle ® . SottoPelle ® uses safe, state-of- the-art technology that provides patients with personalized treatment and care for all their hormonal imbalance needs. The practice’s late founder, Dr Gino Tutera, was instrumental in the pi- oneering of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy as a prac- tical and successful medical treat- ment option. For more than forty years, Dr Tutera was a board-cer- tified OB/GYN who specialized Hormone deficiency can affect all kinds of people, at any stage in one’s life. It can seriously impact the ability to live a healthy life and enjoyable lifestyle, so balancing them is incredibly important. SottoPelle ® is a practice dedicated to safe and proper bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that can help amyriad of people with hormonal imbalance plaguing their lives. Discover more as we profile the practice. in hormone imbalance issues, as well as PMS and menopause. After decades of self-conducted research, testing and analysis, Dr Tutera then began to fully develop what would become SottoPelle ® as a natural hormone replacement therapy. 1992 saw the first SottoPelle ® Center for Hormonal Balance & Well-Being opened and has since treated thousands of patients in helping them rediscover a quality of life that was thought to be long lost. While hormone replacement pel- let implants have been around for more than seventy years, few have perfected it quite like the team at SottoPelle ® . Natural, safe and effective, the pellets used in hormone therapy from SottoPelle ® may ensure the same, steady, around-the-clock dosages of hormones that the human body used to create, or is struggling to create now. Rather than leave it to chance with the unreliability of creams, pills, and patches, this practice’s pellets deliver effective hormone flow directly into the blood stream whenever the body requires it. Transgender individuals also struggle with hormonal imbal- ance. Reconciling their inner identity with their physical body can result in confusion, challeng- es, and decisions that send the hormonal roller coaster into over- drive. Every single staff member at Tutera Medical is trained to effectively help transgender individuals with hormonal re- placement therapy that is aligned with their sexual characteristics and gender identity. Finding the right hormone balance to smooth the transition is vastly important, and the team work tirelessly to help individuals achieve the lifestyle they want. Patients of SottoPelle ® are always treated with the utmost respect and compassion in a non-judgemen- tal atmosphere. Positive effects of hormonal replacement therapy can also be seen in the treatment of individu- als suffering with either Parkin- son’s Disease (PD), or Trau- matic Brain Injury (TBI). When suffering with PD, it can cause the failure of critically important neurons that produce dopamine. Dopamine communicates with the part of the brain that controls movement and co-ordination, so a lack can seriously inhibit the ability to exercise and maintain fitness. In the case of a severe TBI, on the other hand, sufferers may experience devastating Nov19032