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US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Business Elite Awards 7 , R Dean Davenport Attorney at Law Best Estate Planning & Probate Law Attorney (Texas): Dean Davenport Estate planning, and probate is not the easiest area of law to work in, but Mr Davenport’s ongoing commitment to help clients through the intricacies of the legal system continues to establish him as one of the finest in the Dallas Metro area. For residents of Texas in need of outstanding estate planning and other legal services, they need look no further than this excep- tional attorney. Company: R Dean Davenport Attorney at Law Contact: R Dean Davenport Web: The loss of a loved one can be an ex- tremely hard thing to go through, without the additional stress of having to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Having an experi- enced hand to guide the way can often prove invaluable during an emotional time. Founded in 2012 and specialising in Texas estate planning and estate probate matters, R Dean Davenport Attorney at Law, is located in McKinney, Collin County, under the sagacious leadership of Mr Davenport himself. Founder and owner, Mr Daven- port began his journey towards working in estate planning and probate law with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgetown College, before going on to study at Texas Tech University School of Law. Whilst there, he excelled in his study to earn his jurisprudence degree, after he had secured a doctorate from Baylor University. Since then, Mr Davenport has earned a place at the American Bar Association, the Collin County Bar Association, the Texas Center for Legal Ethics, and the College of the State Bar of Texas. To this day, Mr Davenport represents the best of humanity, assisting clients with every step of Following the death of a loved one, it can seemas though time stands still. However, during what is an understandably difficult time, it is crucial that enlisting the services of an experienced and trusted estate planning and probate law attorney is done swiftly. Fortunately, for residents of Collin County, Texas, the state’s best is available. After his win in the Business Elite Awards, we profileMr Davenport to highlight his success. the estate planning and probate service he offers. It is not just expertise in Texas estate planning and probate ser- vices however, as Mr Davenport’s firm also offers experienced legal services in a multitude of areas. These include, but are not limited to, asset protection, business law, finance law, Texas trusts, guardi- anship, elder law, special needs, deeds, and family law. Across all the practice’s areas of expertise, one thing is unquestionably clear; Mr Davenport will do his utmost to help any client that comes his way. Determination is one thing, but it is Mr Davenport’s knowledge and expert application of that knowledge that have made him such a steadfast Texas estate planning attorney and probate lawyer for so many years. Pa- tient, efficient, and understanding of each client’s unique situation, Mr Davenport has established a reputation through Collin County of reliability and security when handling issues of great delicacy. One of the major concerns for people who require legal services is often the cost. Some legal firms may calculate legal costings through time spent on a task, or expertise required to solve a specific issue. However, clients of Mr Davenport need not worry about increasing costs or hidden fees for certain areas of his legal service, including Texas wills and estate plans, uncontested will probate, probate avoidance trusts, living wills, medical POAs, guardianship, and charitable remainder trusts. Offering both a free consultation and flat fee le- gal service for Texas probate and estate planning matters, clients can eliminate the anxiety and uncertainty that come with legal billing when working alongside Mr Davenport. Dec19378