2018 North American Excellence Awards

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 North American Excellence Awards 5 Company: OptraSCAN, Inc Contact: Abhi Gholap Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 530 Lakeside Drive, Sunnydale, California, 94085, USA Phone: 408 524 5300 Web Address: www.optrascan.com Best Medical Device & Laboratory Automation Tech Specialists 2018 g benefit of huge market potential without having to commit capital expenditures for the pathology community. “As such, within just a few quarters, we became established as world’s only “On-Demand Digital Pathology” company offering solutions as service. We have to work on customer service, troubleshooting, OnDemand billing and automating revenue cycle management, however so far we have achieved exceptional success in this challenging space.” Looking ahead, OptraSCAN aims to replace microscopes from each and every pathology lab by its patent pending Digital Pathology system by 2020. Abhi concludes by outlining the firm’s future developments and how these will help drive it to even greater success. “Currently, we are working on developing SmartSLIDE, a pathology glass slide with digital storage. Most of the slides used in diagnosis cases need to be preserved for several years. Our innovative SmartSLIDE ensures tissue and digital data are stored next to each other, along with audit trail information. This development could revolutionise the market, and as such we are looking forward to sharing it with the wider scientific community once it has been finalised.”

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