2018 North American Excellence Awards

4 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 North American Excellence Awards , OptraSCAN is working to eliminate the barriers to adopting Digital Pathology nomatter the size of the pathology lab, the lab’s throughput or global location. We caught up with Founder and CEOAbhi Gholap to learnmore and explore the secrets behind the firm’s phenomenal success. Best Medical Device & Laboratory Automation Tech Specialists 2018 OptraSCAN is a california venture focusing on design and development of a new age Digital Microscopy System to replace 150-year- old optical microscopes. OptraSCAN consists of a tissue and cell scanning device with machine vision softwares using Artificial Intelligence to detect malignant patterns in tumor areas. OptraSCAN facilitates identification and quantification of diagnostic challenges posed by Histo-pathological analysis. Abhi discusses the firm’s innovations in more detail. “Microscopes are a 150-year- old invention, still being used in Cancer detection, diagnostics and research unlike Radiology where everything is digital. OptraSCAN aim to transform this industry through its innovative medical device and computer aided diagnostic systems. Thus, our innovative approaches to disrupt this industry are extremely critical. We have over seven pending patents substantiating our commitment to paradigm shift. “Scanning of tissue slides give rise to high definition images using OptraSCAN. Our telepathology software and computer aided diagnostic tools help to identify tumor regions, classify those as benign Vs malignant, measure protein expressions using various biomarkers, identify rare events based on College of American Pathologists’ protocols and report the findings in consistent and repeatable way are some of the features of our products.” Staff are vital to ensuring the continued success of the firm, and as CEO Abhi works hard to instil a culture defined by creativity and collaboration, as he is eager to emphasise. “To drive our continued success, OptraSCAN has a culture of Innovation. We are constantly striving for betterment of product, lowering costs and improving customer experience. Our team is very innovative and dedicated in achieving milestones. Discussing and planning roadmaps ahead helps our staff to understand company plans and thus expectations. Further defining KRAs make this performance measurement, as well as extremely quantifiable.” Thanks to its innovation and dedication to using the very latest technology to drive change in the industry, as Abhi highlights. “In this market, over last two decades conventional microscopy companies have tried to build Digital systems with steep costs, thus limiting market acceptance around 10%. High costs, regulatory challenges and inter-operability are some of the restraints. OptraSCAN brought in simplified systems with open interfaces. We also brought Subscription based model to take 1709NA01

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