2018 North American Excellence Awards

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 North American Excellence Awards , YellowBrick Path provides resume, bio and career management services throughout the United States, in-person or by phone. Paula Asinof tells us more about the firmand the services it offers. Best Career Coaching Firm - Texas & Award for Excellence in Lifetime Career Management 2018 Known for expertise in difficult or challenging career situations, Yellow Brick Path offers a wide range of approaches, many of which are unique in the industry. To ensure excellence for clients, the firm’s career consultants and resume writers have extensive business experience, education, and recognized certifications. They use their expertise to help clients create high-impact career strategies, job search plans, resumes, bios and profiles that align with the market, set them apart from their peers, and showcase their talents. The company also offers coaching on interviewing, working with recruiters, offer evaluation and compensation negotiation. Paula discusses the firm’s service offerings in more detail and outlines how its core offering helps to differentiate it from its competitors. “Here at Yellow Brick Path, our flagship service is Executive Impact Resumes and Bios™. Executive resumes and bios are developed in real-time interactive sessions with clients, which sets us apart from our competitors and provides an exceptional option for our clients. Unlike the standard approach in the industry of information gathering by a resume writer through consultative interviews and/ or written documents, Yellow Brick Path clients are fully engaged with the development process. The end document belongs to the clients (not the writers) who are able to adjust the documents themselves for specific opportunities and evolve it over time with changes in the marketplace or their goals. Clients frequently comment not only on the quality of the documents but also the value of the process.” Operating in such a fast-paced market, Yellow Brick Path works hard to stay ahead of the latest market developments. Paula discusses the market and the changes it has seen over recent years, and how her firm has evolved to meet the ever- changing needs of its clients. “Currently the North American business market is in flux, particularly in the U.S. Approximately two years ago, finally on the back side of the financial downturn, companies were expanding their hiring and executives were secure enough to begin exploring new opportunities. In the past year with the change in political leadership and uncertainty about economic policy and healthcare, opportunistic career change at that level has slowed dramatically. Texas has maintained a solid business and economic climate over the past decade as compared with other parts of the country, and hopefully, will continue to do so. “Recently, a major development in the industry is the acceleration of technology-driven recruiting platforms that has resulted in significantly divergent recruiting practices for executives and professionals. To adapt to this, at Yellow Brick Path we have restructured the business to serve these segments separately. This transition enables us to continue to serve our clients with the quality they have come to expect and with guidance aligned with the most current trends.” Looking to the future, there are many exciting developments on the horizon for Yellow Brick Path, as Paula is keen to highlight in her concluding comments. “Moving forward, our plans for the foreseeable future are for incremental growth. Yellow Brick Path stays closely aligned with the market and has plans to expand offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients. For example, we are ramping up a new offering for executives who need a resume quickly to respond to a recruiter inquiry or an internal promotion opportunity. We are also re-evaluating our LinkedIn profile offering and expect to roll out a more comprehensive approach shortly to stay aligned with the changes since Microsoft purchased the application. “Alongside this, we will continue authoring books, with the 2nd edition of the popular BE SHARP: Tell Me About Yourself in Great Introductions and Professional Bios to be published in early 2018.” 1702CA92

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