N. American Ex Awards 2017

32 CORP AMERICA / North American Excellence 2017 , NAE17039 The KyleMacDonnell Team is a leading real estate agency based in Katy, Texas. We invited Founder Kyle to tell us more. Best Residential Realtor – Katy The Kyle MacDonnell Team, based at RE/MAX Cinco Ranch, provides real estate services to homeowners and home buyers. Kyle believes that the firm’s success rests on its focus of providing clients with the very highest standards of service. “Central to our success is the fact that everyone on the The Kyle MacDonnell Team works hard to provide the very best customer service, while getting the results that our client’s needs. We work to exceed their expectations by supporting them throughout the process and communicating with them regularly. When people are dealing with one of the largest assets they own, they want to know that the people they hire have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done, and as such we aim to ensure that they know throughout the process that we are the best people for the job through our excellent service.” In his concluding comments Kyle outlines how the firm is aiming to bounce back following a period of market slowdown. “Over the last 12 months, the oil price dropped dramatically and rebounded to just about half the price it was at peak. Companies in our area have been making adjustments in order to adjust to the new price that it appears we will be dealing with for the next year. The outlook is positive and most experts believe the price will increase over the next few years. The Real Estate Market was not impacted as dramatically as many thought it would be. We had to make adjustments as well, just the same as the major oil companies did, but the future looks bright as we are now seeing moderate price increases and an increase in activity in our market. “As such, moving forward we will be operating more efficiently and effectively in order to provide the same high quality of service to these new clients, as well as supporting our existing customers. Moving forward our ongoing focus will remain on operating to the highest standards and remaining flexible in order to better adapt to any future challenges the market may provide.” K Company: The Kyle MacDonnell Team, RE/ MAX Cinco Ranch Name: Kyle MacDonnell Email: kyle@ kylemacdonnell.com Web Address: www. kylemacdonnell.com Address: 2877 Commercial Center Blvd., Katy, TX 77494 Telephone: (281) 646-2120 Moore & Associates, Inc has a long history of serving the community by reaching underserved populations. We invited Director TonyMoore to talk us through the firmand the range of services it provides. Best Correction Based Therapy Centre – USA Moore & Associates, Inc. supports clients in developing short and long tern goals to achieve better thinking and behavioural patterns. As part of this the firm undertakes assessments, intensive outpatient, aftercare, AODA treatment, education/didactic groups, group referral, outreach services, contracted services, batter’s treatment services, and anger management support. Tony outlines the firm’s focus on providing the very highest standards of client service in order to support clients throughout this tough process. “Here at Moore & Associates we take personal responsibility for our clients and pride ourselves on having respect toward both ourselves and others, working with dignity, honesty, and willingness to be actively involved in the treatment process.” What truly sets the firm apart is the example it sets. Moore & Associates are based in the community they serve and as such they can see staff living out the behaviour that is being asked of them. Therefore, quality, dedicated staff are an important part of the firm and help drive it to success. Tony discusses what he looks for in new employees. “When hiring new staff, we look for passion and drive in our employee to help others. We take being Human Services workers serious. We believe that it is honourable to serve others who are in need of love to heal, and therefore we support our staff and constantly aim to ensure that they are always able to operate to the best of their abilities.” Looking ahead, the focus is on growth and remaining at the forefront of innovation, particularly technology, which is ever evolving, as Tony concludes. “Moving forward, we will continue to use the technology to stay on the cut edge of new development within the field. We will be releasing commercials and videos about the programs and history of the agency in order to spread the word and work with a wider range of clients.” K Company: Moore & Associates, Inc. Name: Director Tony C. Moore Email: tmoore@ mooreandassociates.biz Web Address: www. MooreAndAssociates.com Address: 6530 Sheridan Road Kenosha, WI. 53143 Telephone: 262-605-1444

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