N. American Ex Awards 2017

, NAE17039 N Web Traits, Inc. is a cyber security solutions provider based in theWashington D.C. Metropolitan Area. We invited Bhaskar Roy to tell us more. Best IT Consultancy Firm 2017 - Mid-Atlantic States Founded in 2007, since inception Web Traits has transformed into a contending and profitable business enterprise, with expertise in key areas of Information Technology. Bhaskar outlines the firm’s range of services and how it works to provide the very best service to each and every one of its clients. “Here at Web Traits, we augment Program Management offices by providing our corporate leadership and top-notch technical resources. Manifested on a flexible and cost effective project delivery mechanism, our engineers and project managers work together to implement solutions that help our government and commercial clients streamline, optimize, and maximize information K Company: Web Traits, Inc. Name: Bhaskar Roy Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.web-traits.com/ Address: 9423 Eagleton Lane, Suite #200 Montgomery Village, MD 20886 Telephone: (800) 886-2704 security. Our clients are primarily US federal, state and local governments. “When they work with us they are provided with our vast expertise, which spans across information security, digital forensics, risk analysis and regulatory compliance. Our team of professional Engineers and Architects build Computer Network Defence Systems (CNDS) for the federal, state and local governments. We help our clients manage the complete lifecycle of intrusion detection, network traffic analysis, cyber- attacks and all functional aspects of information security.” Within the industry, Web Traits have seen a trend in the proliferation of the cloud generation, and as such enterprises are required to shift their focus from safeguarding endpoint devices toward protecting users and information across all applications and services. This has prompted an organizational and cultural shift by cybercriminals to indicate they are increasingly adopting corporate best practices and establishing professional businesses in order to increase efficiency of their attacks. Amongst the many different threats that businesses need to currently worry about, the most critical are the increased number of drone jackings and fileless malware, which are set to increase in 2017. As such, Bhaskar is eager to emphasise the various steps his firm will be taking moving forward to ensure that it continues to provide clients with the very best support and protection. “With the current state of weak information security in government, public and private sectors, the spending on system security is bound to increase. Going hand-in-hand with the security budget is the size of the security team. There is much work that needs to be done to improve information security, all across the board. “In order to support our clients through this our plan is to systematically identify the right opportunities to use premium tools and reports. Subsequent to that, we will make marketing plans and strategies to secure contract awards.” traits, web inc.

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