N. American Ex Awards 2017

, Kasraie and Fodor, LLC, is a corporate legal firmbased in Atlanta that provides a wide range of services. We invited Dr. Bijan Kasraie to provide us with a fascinating overview of the firmand the legal solutions it offers. Best Business Law Firm - Atlanta Kasraie and Fodor specialises in international law, asset protection, estate planning, corporate law and business organization. Supporting clients around the world, the firm is particularly experienced in international law. Dr. K outlines how the firm draws on its vast experience and expertise to provide international clients with all the solutions they need. “International trade is a complex, multi-faceted prospect. We assist clients who are importing or exporting products or materials into the United States through the legal intricacies of U.S. customs laws and international trade issues including U.S. embargos and trade sanctions; customs regulations and tariffs; classification of imported merchandise; and export licensing. “With regards to wider international law, we assist companies and enterprises around the world that wish to market and sell their products to consumers in other countries or that wish to establish subsidiaries and branches in the United States. We also assist American- based companies in doing business with foreign countries and companies. “We provide advice and guidance throughout the complex and NAE17039 N K Company: Kasraie and Fodor, LLC Name: Dr. Bijan Kasraie Email: [email protected] Web Address: KFLAWLLC.com Address: 1775 The Exchange, Suite 410, Atlanta, GA 30339 Telephone: 01-404-678-904-0085 often perplexing process of establishing a joint ventures or wholly-owned subsidiaries in the European Union countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Eastern European Countries, Canada, and South America. We also draw on our years of international business and legal experience to advise and represent clients in international arbitration, mediation, litigation and conciliation settings. “Fundamentally, we have extensive experience working with the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Department of Commerce, and other government agencies. Do not try to navigate these complex issues and governmental agencies alone. Let us put our experience to work for you.” Atlanta, the firm’s base, is one of the most progressive cities in the U.S., and businesses in the region are flourishing and expanding, leading to an increase in both work and competition for companies, such as Kasraie and Fodor. Dr. K discusses the firm’s client-focused philosophy and how this sets his firm apart from the competition. “Here at Kasraie and Fodor, we have established a philosophy in our firm: our client’s concern is our concern. We give our clients our undivided attention and effort, no matter how small or large the client is. By combining the resources and sophisticated practice of a larger firm, while at the same time maintaining the personal relationships and attention offered by a specialized boutique firm, we are able to offer a truly unique service.” Moving forward, the firm plans to draw on its vast experience in international businesses and markets by expanding overseas, as Dr. K concludes. “Looking to the future, we are planning to expand globally. At the present we are negotiating with firms in PRC, UAE, South Africa and Barbados and will be seeking to grow in order to provide our innovative services to a wider range of clients.”

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